Amazon eero mesh WiFi router

Mesh WiFi is getting popular with the users today and even have increased its customer base. The eero Mesh WiFi routers are better than the conventional WiFi router as it brings up to 1,500 square feet of WiFi to your home. It uses multiple nodes or access points throughout the house, which provides better coverage than a single router that comes to a broadband connection. Eero can be connected to your modem and let the internet flow to every corner of your home. Just a few minutes of set up and permanent freedom from a pathetic internet connection. Also, with the perfect combination of eero and Alexa, you can conveniently manage WiFi access for devices at home with bothering to move. Apart from this, its automatic updates keep your network safe and secure; and routes traffic to avoid congestion or buffering. So whether you are down in the basement or on the terrace, you will always have access to the internet.


Key Features

eero seamlessly connects your entire home with reliable WiFi. Finally, you can stream, surf, and game from anywhere

Best for internet speeds up to 550 Mbps

Works with Alexa, Amazon WiFi simple setup, Apple HomeKit, Bluetooth LE 5.0

700 MHz quad-core processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB flash storage


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