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Exciting Toys

The Lenoxtons-20 toy store is a bliss for kids of all age groups. If you want to enhance their activeness through games, learning, or creativity, then here in our store you will find all the necessary toys in the following department. In our store, you will find the most popular kids games such as NERF, LEGO, Crayola, Fisher-Price, and Barbie. There are several myths that say that toys are only for kids, and it is not true. In our store, you will find toys and games for every age group including parents, grandparents, and kids. We have a wide range of toys in several categories; you just need to browse your preferred category and find the product. Our store also provides the offer of Everyday Low Price, wherein you can get your favorite toys at the most affordable price. Thus, now you don't have to worry at all about finding the perfect Christmas or birthday present for your kid.

Shop by age

Before you start adding items to your cart, you need to first know who will be the receiver of these gifts. Kids, at different stages of their lives, have preferences for different toys. Hence, it is important to keep their age and preference in mind while making a choice. We have a wide range of toys in various categories ranging from sports balls to crayons, and from boarding games to portable video games. We offer toys for kids of all age groups, and adults as well. While shopping for toys, you can sort the items by age. You can select the option for infants from 0 to 12 months or for kids from 1 year to 16. The search engine will show you the list of toys that match your preferred age group selection. The subsequent feature will not only help you find the right toy for your kid but it is also going to help you find a trendy one. Instead of the age group feature, you can also use the search panel to find your preferred product.

Toy categories

In our store, you will find a comprehensive list of categories for the toys. You can easily find any type of toy in our store. You first need to ask yourself about the kind of toy you want to buy for your kid. If your kids have an interest in crafting houses, then you can browse Building Sets category and find suitable toys for them. Alongside, if you think that your children are into acting and fashion, then you should go for the option of dress up or pretend play toys. In case, if you think that your children are into academic activities whether at home or in school, then you should choose the Learning category.  In our store, you will find various toys that are usually meant for outdoor spaces but can be easily played at home in minimal space such as Swings sets. You can also tweak the settings of the toy category option to get your preferred category toy.

Vehicle toys

Many kids dream of owning a remote controlled vehicular toy. Nowadays it is quite easy and affordable to purchase a remote-control vehicle. In our store, you can find a comprehensive list of remote-control products that come in various types such as helicopters, cars, ships, tanks, land mover or much more. Along with that, our store also offers remote control drones to entice the modern age kids. However, these toys are preferred for a specific age group of children from 5 years to 15 years. Adult supervision is necessary for drone toys. If you have children below the above-mentioned age group, then you can purchase ride-on remote control vehicles for them. The list of these vehicles include cars, scooters and even trains. You can operate them while your kid sits inside them. For more safety of your children, you can also purchase safety items such as knee pad, arm pad, or helmet.

Collectible toys

In our store's toy section, you will also find a specific toy category known as collectible toys. These toys are purchased by those who have a passion for toy collection. The list of these toys includes various character figures or superhero toys, hot wheels, etc. If you are a toy collector, then do visit our store to find the preferred toy to complete your collection. You need to simply visit the specific section of Collectible toys to make a purchase or you can also use the search panel to find your preferred collectible. In our store, we have toys for all age groups to break the cliché that toys are only meant for the kids. 

Visit the Lenoxtons-20, and in our Everyday Low Prices offers, you will always get a significant discount on all types of toys for all ages. Check out a wide variety of toys, available at attractive rates for you to gift your loved ones the toy of their dreams.  Live better. Save Money.