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A house isn’t designed with just walls and roofs; it has a passion of its own. Express the passion your home has and welcome the best of home decor with Lenoxtons-20. Whether you want to accentuate your walls with wall plate collages, or give a definition to your floors with some fabric, or make the best of the living room space, Lenoxtons-20 has everything stored for you. Have a tiny balcony? Adorn it with the heavenly floating water candles. Visit and handpick the most loved interior designing ornaments and cool stuff to add personality to your homes. Lenoxtons-20 makes the desired products from platforms like Amazon and Walmart reach you. Make smart purchases of furniture that go with the available space in your room. Let your walls speak your mind with attractive hues while you flaunt your royalty with classy doorknobs. Lenoxtons-20 is at your service to bring your dream home come to life. Purchase cool stuff of your interest and give your abode a look it deserves. Make your abode heaven like- all with Lenoxtons-20.

Transform your rooms, kitchen, and garden today! Remember, your home defines YOU.


Your walls are the very first thing that catches attention. They define your room personality and give your house a spirit. It sets the tone of your room, and everything you place must go well with your walls. Lenoxtons-20 has some interesting items to make your walls stand out. Add tiny pieces of hangings and attractive hues to your walls. Don’t overdo anything, and keep your walls looking subtle. Remember, less is more here. Make a bold decision and buy an oversized painting from Lenoxtons-20, and you would be proud of your choice. Such big pieces of paintings command attention. If the room area is small, then don’t overcrowd all your walls with pictures and hangings. Instead, pick one wall and create a wall gallery. Handpick photo-frames from Lenoxtons-20 and use them to build your self-designed wall gallery.


Firstly, the floors need to be smoothened. Don’t let cracks take away their beauty. Repair your floors if they need them. Once you do that, go for some cool rugs. Gone are the days when rugs used to be dull and boring. These days, designers create rugs finely so that they complement your floor designs. They come in all shapes and can give your feet the much-needed softness and warmth. Make sure you measure the desired floor-length on which you want to spread the rug before buying it. The best technique to select a good carpet is by considering the floor as your own canvas.

You can also purchase floor lamps, as they illuminate the room and give a part of the screen a special focus.

Buy the best of beauties for your floor designs.

Fabric And Accessories

Beautiful fabrics aren’t just made to accentuate your wardrobe. Your home can, too, take advantage of fabrics. Shop the best of fabrics for your homes at Lenoxtons-20. It provides the best of products through renowned platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

If you want to beautify your room with some fabric, then don’t shy away from hanging a beautiful tapestry. You can also switch to roman shades with a piece of cloth. Do you want to add a twist to your usual balcony look? Hang a long piece of fabric to create a canopy.

Vacant shelves? Place accessories that define your personality. Add a soothing, contemporary taste to your living with candles. Have a look at floating candles only on Lenoxtons-20.

Shelves And Furniture

Shelves are useful when you have a tiny room to store a lot of material. Make smart use of shelves whenever possible. Add departments, divisions, and sections to your shelves. They save space and improve management. Hang umbrellas, hats, or place books on shelves to lift the mood of your room.

Give your seats a new vibe. Pro Tip: Purchase subtle looking light furniture for rooms that lack space. For large halls and corridors, go for grand pieces of furniture that give your open space a royal look. Compliment the furniture with beautiful accessories and wall art.


Plants immediately add life to your room. Studies have shown that rooms having plants and creepers make the owners look approachable and friendly. Plants have the power to add positivity to any setup. Go for plants that ask for low maintenance. Make a wise choice while buying room plants as you don’t want your plants to dry out in a lack of sunlight.