Fisherman Hat Clear Anti Droplets Dust-proof Water Resistant Face Cover Cap For Men Women

Color:  White, Pink, Black
Material: PVE cotton
Hat circumference: 58cm
Bezel size: 40 * 30 * 25cm
Hat size: 30 * 20 * 12cm (including brim)

1.Anti-fog fisherman hat. It can protect the face, mouth and nasal cavity. 360-degree wraparound without dead corners to care for your face and block!
2.The material of the hat is  cotton and PVE.One Size :fit your head and hairstyle.
3.Strong protection, stop dust and keep away from droplets! A must-have for travel.
4.It's safer to go out to buy food, go to the supermarket, and take the train!
5.Classic fisherman hat design, sun protection are beautiful!

Packing list:
1 X Windproof hat

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