Royal Kludge RK61 bluetooth Wired Dual Mode 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


1. Brand: Royal Kludge (RK)
2. Model: RK61 RGB Version
3. Color: Black, White 
4. Material: ABS 
5. Switch: RK Brown Switch, Red Switch (Note: RK61 have many versions with different brand switch, and this product link sells the RK switch version.)
6. Connection: bluetooth + USB Wired Dual Mode
7. Layout: 61 Key 60% Keyboard Layout
8. Backlit: RGB Backlit
9. Dimension: 290*100*35mm


1. Royal Kludge RK61 is with a ultra compact 61 keys layout, easy to carry.
2. Supports bluetooth and USB wired dual-mode connection. 
    bluetooth connection supports connecting 3 bluetooth devices at the same time, press FN+Q, FN+W, FN+E to switch to.
    USB Cable is a detachable cable design, more convenient for your use.
3. Adopting double shot molding ABS keycaps, nearly 1.5mm thick, durable and anti-wear.
4. RGB backlit displaying, and with 17 backlit modes for option.
5. Widely compatible, compatible with Windows, iOS, Android; not only use with desktop computer, but also can be conneted with laptop, tablet or mobile phones.
6. Supports NKRO in wired mode.
7. Driver link:

How to connect bluetooth?

1. Turn on the power switch on the keyboard bottom.
2. Press Fn+Tab to witch to bluetooth mode.
3. Press Fn+P to turn on bluetooth seach.
4. Press Fn+Q/W/E to connect the bluetooth device.

Package Included:

1 * Royal Kludge RK61 bluetooth Wired Dual Mode 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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