Portable Ultraviolet Sterilizer Desk Sterilizing Lamp

Product name: Portable germicidal lamp
Applicable places: in the car, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, kitchen, bathroom, etc.
Tube power: 7W/11W
Sterilization mode: UV + ozone
Product size: 14CM/24CM
Product weight: 200g
Function :Sterilization & Deodorization
Size : With 7W/11W UltraViolet light

Type A:14CM ( 7W )
Type B:24CM (11W)

UVC ray is harm for skin and eyes, so please don't let people/fish/pets be directly exposed to the light of this type lamp

1. Our portable germicidal lamps are small in size and can be carried along with them without leaving any space in the trunk.
Other germicidal lamps are too bulky to carry.
2. Our portable germicidal lamp can kill a lot of bacteria and viruses after working for 20s. You can hold it or put it in a certain place
for sterilization and disinfection.
3. Our portable germicidal lamp can be used for home or car. As you like, other germicidal lamps are too large to be used for cars.

Package includes:
1Pcs Disinfection lamp

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