Air Purifier Ozone Generator Ionizer Cleaner Fresh Living Home Office Room

Name: Air Purifier
Color: white
Operating voltage: 220V
Purification function: negative ion generator
- Hidden negative ion purification device, the release of negative ions can be very good to eliminate haze, formaldehyde, bacteria and so on.
- Protect the family to enjoy healthy breathing, always provide healthy breathing, to ensure the safety of indoor air.
- Plug and play, 220V household socket, where there is a socket can be used.
- One purchase, continuous use. Unique anion generating chip, no need to replace consumables. Save money, save time, save worry.
- Anion fresh air sterilization in addition to odor, in addition to second-hand smoke, haze, formaldehyde benzene, PM2.5, infants and children room purification.
- Clean and pollution-free, enjoy the fresh air like forest at home.
Package included:
1 x Mini Air Purifier

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