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Buy Electronics at Best Prices

Get a new car stereo, a laptop or an HDTV at the most affordable price. Lenoxton-20 will help you find your preferred electronic item at the best prices. Get special deals on all electronics products available in our store, such as laptops, TVs, cell phones, iPads, tablets, desktop PC, camcorders, cameras, etc.

Computers: Desktops, Laptops, iPads, and Tablets

The most considerable question that comes in everyone's mind while they plan to purchase a computer is what you want; you want a laptop, desktop, or tablet. A desktop computer will be the best option for those who are most likely to use it in one location, such as offices or homes. There are lots of options for upgrades to make your Desktop computer powerful than usual. There are lots of upgrade options available for you to choose, whereas you can also upgrade its hardware, too, such as a multitasking keyboard or large monitor than usual.

If you are looking for a computer that can travel along with you, then a portable computer is the best choice. Most likely, a laptop will work for you, and there are also options for upgrade available to make it more powerful as usual. The portable computers, such as laptops, also offered a wide range of options for external inputs, including additional mouse and keyboard.

If you are planning to buy a computer for watching videos, checking your email, internet browsing, or surfing on social media, then a tablet will work best for you. You can also add an external keyboard, and it will start working as a laptop. However, in our store, we have an alternative for both of them; Touchscreen laptops.

The most vital attribute that should be considered most while looking for a computer is its specs and processor. Although it totally depends upon your work, whether you want to play high specs games, which will definitely be going to demand a high processor, if you are just an email user or office tool operator, then you can use a normal processor computer.


If you have visited our store to buy a brand-new TV, then there are a few things you must consider before making a purchase. The most vital attribute that needs to be considered is space; how much space is enough for you. The second thing to consider is how you are going to use it; you are planning to watch movies, news, sports event, etc. or you want to play games on it. These considerations will help you in choosing a perfect TV variant for you.

For example, suppose you are a gamer, then you must seek an HD display TV for a more vivid experience of virtuality. The TV with a screen resolution of 720p, 1080p or 2160p on Ultra HDTV will be perfect for the game enthusiast. The high-resolution TVs will take your gaming experience to another extent.

For the passionate sports fans who spend most of their time watching either football, soccer, cricket, baseball, or basketball must seek to get a high-definition digital visuals TV. It is quite necessary for them to get one as the specific TV is specially built for them. You need to find a 1000:1 static contrast ratio in the TVs for a better sports experience at your home. These TVs will enhance your sports watching experience.

For the enthusiast who spends much of their time watching TV shows or films must have a smart TV at their home. As it will help you stream popular streaming programs such as YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, and Hulu. Instead of that, there are several more features available on smart TV to enhance your love and avidness for TV shows and films.

Cell Phones

Similar to water, air, and food; cell phone has also become our necessity. It connects us to our family, friends, or with everyone we want. In our store, there is a wide range of Cellphones available that's why it is quite necessary for you to understand that there are specific things you need to look into a good cell phone before making a purchase. The considerations totally depend on various situations and use, such as contract and no-contract cell phones alongside plans, features, and much more.

The first thing to select before purchasing a cellphone is a carrier that surrounds your local area perfectly; then, you should ask your friends and family about their services. There are several providers that are offering a great discounted deal on voice, text, and data for monthly rates. So, it is necessary to analyse all the carriers alongside their offers. While the Signing of a contract will generally go up to tenure of one or two years, in case you are opposed to a long-term contract, then you can choose the offer of no-contract phone or prepaid. In our store, we have offers of data or prepaid minutes for you, so if you are short of money or facing other issues, then you don't need to worry about it.

In our store, there is a wide range of cellphone categories from Android to iPhone, Blackberry, etc. You will easily find your preferred cellular device along with its accessories such as headsets, cases, chargers, car mounts, Bluetooth devices, and much more.

If you are looking for a refurbished device, then our store has several cellphones in that category too. These are the devices that have never been used but only opened by the customers and then returned. However, some of them have been used, and we have specifically mentioned the situations in the device description, and it varies their prices too. You can also find special deals or offers, including Clearance items or Rollback. provides you all the electronics devices by customer rating, prices or features, to make you’re shopping more convenient. Live Better. Save Money.