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Essential Health and Fitness Products You Must Have

Essential Health and Fitness Products You Must Have

The saying of “Health is Wealth” has been used for ages because that is something right without a doubt. Keeping your health sound should come on top of your priority list as that is where the rest of your actions stem from. Regardless, you need to stay healthy, and that is possible without you spending a fortune in gym memberships. Especially with the lockdown in effect all over the world, staying in and exercising is probably the best option you have. And if you are worried about the equipment you might need, we have got you covered for that too. Here are a few types of equipment (weights, medicine balls, yoga mats, and much more) that are must-haves to achieve gym level workout while not stepping out.

Weighted Arm Bands

Although a small touch up to your work out accessories, having that little bit of extra weight will take you a long distance. Having an armband on regardless of the weight makes your exercise more effective many-fold.

TRX Bands

If a former Navy Seal develops it, you know it’s good. The TRX or Total Resistance Exercise bands are incredibly effective, as shown by many research. This equipment has it all; these bands improve your muscle build and also work on your posture and alignment. Apart from that, using it is extremely easy as well as you can get a lot of online tutorials about it too.

Weighted Jump Rope

Did you know one study found that just 10 minutes of jumping rope can be equivalent to a 30-minute jog? That is outright more than any other indoor exercise. Adding a little weight to it makes it that much more effective. The best part being that you can work on how much weight you will prefer, there is the perfect amount of weight for everybody.

Resistance Bands

These elastic bands are perfect for your home work out. Taking up next to no space in your house, these multi-purpose bands can help you get toned while assisting muscle growth, losing unnecessary fat and increasing strength. Resistance bands can replace dumbbells in various categories and are the perfect tool for a home. 

Balance Ball

Probably the most iconic part of yoga, the medicine ball can help you in a variety of ways. The use of this equipment is not limited to any one form; it is a great tool for working on your posture as well as it can be used for stretching very well.

Medicine Balls

Being an all-rounder fitness tool, you can use this weighted ball for various purposes. Throwing it around gives you increased arm strength as well as lifting it can work as dumbbells and work on your muscle growth.


The dumbbell is probably the most used gym equipment out there. Having a variety of weight range means there is one for everybody. Extremely helpful in a lot of ways for a workout, having a dumbbell in your house is a must.


This multi-use weight is perfect for your in house work out as it does not take up space as much as a barbell but gives you the same potency in a deadlift. Apart from the lift, swinging a kettlebell allows for myriad strength and movement in limited space.


One of the newest additions to the work out sector, the slider lets you work out on a rough and slippery surface alike. Just put your feet on them, and now you will have a system of free movement for your exercises that require that. It functions just like the name suggests. And it is perfect for in house exercises.

Exercise Bench

Even small and minute things can play an equally as important role as other equipment. These detachable exercise benches have you covered for everything. You can use it as an incline for your push-ups, for your legs and your feet, whichever you need. You can use it for cardio and explosive exercises, to advance moves or make them easier, or simply as a trusty bench.

Yoga Mat

The smallest yet the most important objects in a home work out are the yoga mats. Even if you do not have any equipment, you can use these mats and work out on top of them, and they can be used just like the name, like mats. It might seem small, but it makes a whole lot of difference while working out.


Now this one is the most obvious one out there—the go-to tool for cardio inside the house. Having a treadmill inside your house will give you the freedom of going for a run without all the hassles of the outdoors.

And there you have it, a few pieces of equipment to keep your health and fitness top-notch in any situation. Wondering about a place to get these types of equipment, we have you covered for that too. At  www.lenoxtons20.com you can find the right equipment for you.