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Walmart Now Limiting How Many Shoppers can Enter Stores

Walmart Now Limiting How Many Shoppers can Enter Stores

Due to health issues, everyone is dwelling at home, only going out when it is necessary.One of the most vital factors is to buy groceries, and Walmart is providing its door-step delivery services to favour quarantine as social distancing is the only vital weapon to stop the spreading of the pandemic. In prior to this concern now, Walmart has proclaimed that it will only allow limited customers to enter into its stores to aid social distancing.

The news has been proclaimed by Walmart on 3rd April 2020, in which they stated that their store employees wouldn’t grant more than five shoppers on 1,000 square feet land. This will only allow them to use 20% space of the store, and the rest will help to manage the social distance. They also added the decision had been a mutual consent by the officials of Walmart due to on-going global concern. Generally, every store of Walmart in the entire world has two entrances, but after this decision, one entrance has been closed.

The subsequent news has been proclaimed through a blog by the Executive vice president of Walmart’s US branch, Dacona Smith. In her blog, she mentioned that the entrance will allow only one customer to get entered into the store, then the customers behind them need to stand at the entrance and wait. Alongside this, the customers who are not wearing masks won’t be allowed to get into the store. She also mentioned that the customers who will do misbehave or tries to outbreak any laws or rules of Walmart would be handover to the local police.

However, in case the store gets a lot of people outside, then five people at 1,000 square feet land system will be done, and one by one, every customer will be sent out immediately after they have done in a specific way. Later, in the subsequent blog, Smith said that the on-going circumstances have led to cause a huge loss on humanity, and it is persisting in doing it. The only way to fight with it is to maintain social distancing. Thus, the company has prevented various measures prior to this concern. Alongside, Smith also added that the primary motive of Walmart is to help its customers, and the on-going situation leads to cause a lot of problems.

Thus, it is the duty of Walmart to help their customers by encouraging them in this difficult time. However, a couple of weeks back, Walmart has shifted most of its employees from store to delivery work to reduce the population inside the store. Now, their initiative of supporting social distancing is remarkable as several stores in the US are still allowing a dozen customers in their store. They must learn something from Walmart as in these circumstances; business would never be a prior concern when it comes to the health and safety of the nation.