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Amazon Pledges Warehouse Safety, Diverts N95 Masks to Hospitals

Amazon Pledges Warehouse Safety, Diverts N95 Masks to Hospitals

In reference to the ongoing health concerns, Amazon pledges to distribute N95 masks in all major parts of the USA. The news has been proclaimed by the logistics chief of AmazonMr. Dave Clark, who stated that the masks would be started delivering to the hospitals from this week alongside masks will be available on Amazon on a selling price. The following sale on Amazon for masks is an initiative by the Federal Government and Amazon to overcome the effect of amid outbreaks.

To spread the concern, Amazon is specifically notifying all its customers through the Amazon app about M95 masks sale alongside the store contains surgical gowns and face shields. However, items such as face shields and surgical gowns are available only for the hospitals. Besides, Mr. Clark also added that they had adapted various measures at their warehouses to secure their employees and staff. In their warehouse, they have provided a shuttle bus for the employees, and the capacity of employees in each bus has been reduced to follow social distancing concerns. Alongside this, they have provided sanitation in all their offices, and employees are working alternatively to decrease the population in the warehouse.

Amazon has taken numerous steps to show why the venture is as beloved as it is. The recently taken initiative of Amazon to help the Federal Government appears to be helpful as various marketers’ concern about their employees, but nobody is leaning forward to join hands with the government to provide help.

In the warehouse and currently running offices of Amazon, there are hands cleaning and temperature checking machines, according to a recent report, Amazon has been checking over 800,000 employees’ body temperature for global concern. Mr. Clark also proclaimed about distributing food to underprivileged in New York and Seattle area with the help of Whole Foods Market Stores. Amazon recently hired more than 80,000 employees to surpass the demand for online orders. However, the hiring has been done for a limited period, but the employees are getting their daily wages alongside safety measures such as masks, gloves, and sanitizers.

Before ending the interview, Mr. Clark said that health and safety is the prior concern of their team and Amazon. Their teams are working as hard as possible to surpass the demand of online orders alongside providing help to the needy by working along with the government too. The following working initiative of Amazon has clearly stated all of us that there are more concerns about health and safety rather than the business.