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Best Gaming Monitors which Will Steal Your Heart

Best Gaming Monitors which Will Steal Your Heart

Gaming is an experience of thrill and fun. A gamer cannot resist himself from stepping inside a showroom of exciting gaming monitors. Yet, before making a choice, it is essential to know what is the best option for you and your setup. Here comes a list of 10 superb gaming laptops that will pump the hearts of gamers faster than ever. Go through all the features and decide what you want in your gaming room.

Samsung CHG70

Samsung has a habit of presenting stunning products. The Samsung CHG70 monitor is one such product that has true abilities to astonish gaming lovers. The gaming monitor is curved and has a 32-inch, 1440p, FreeSync display. It covers a 154 percent of sRGB spectrum. The visuals of a game are the most crucial factors that decide the amount of love it will get from gamers. A good quality gaming monitor ensures that the visuals of the game are visible in the brightest possible ways. The monitor is effective enough to bring colours to life, accentuating your overall gaming experience. All in all, Samsung CH70 has the best colour quality to give you a vibrant, glowing experience.

In the SDR mode, the monitor can go up to 365 nits of brightness, and for HDR, it can promise up to 600 nits of brightness. The monitor knows how to adjust to the needs of gamers. It is placed well on a super-ergonomic stand, which is able to accommodate and fit with any sort of setup. The overall body of the monitor looks appealing to the eyes.

Acer Predator X34

If you have been waiting for a monitor that promises superb visual quality, then let Acer Predator X34 amaze you. It is a curved gaming monitor that comes with a 3440 x 1440 resolution. It is 34 inches and covers 99 percent of the sRGB colour spectrum. It offers a robust 261 nits of brightness. 

Still having doubts? Well, playing Rainbow Six Siege becomes a wonderful experience with the monitor, thanks to its 34-inch size and colour quality. The monitor gives you the feel of a movie theatre, with its sharp colours. The dashing look will make you feel like a pro player just as you start it. The monitor is a bit pricey, but all good things have a high cost, right?

ViewSonic XG2401

If you are a dreamer with a practical money-saver mind, choosing a gaming monitor from all the lavishing options becomes bewildering. Yet, monitors like ViewSonic XG2401 are here to make your dreams come true without causing much dent in your pockets. It is a magnificent 24-inch monitor, with a 1920 x 1080 panel. What adds to its qualities is its speediness, as it works on one millisecond response time. The monitor also provides excellent AMD FreeSync compatibility. The RTS and MOBA modes will never disappoint you in giving you the sharpest image possible. The monitor proffers an average of 355 nits of brightness. The colour landed at a reasonably good 91 per cent. For some, it isn’t a good record. However, a few things can be compromised when you are getting a quality product at an affordable price. 

Asus ROG Swift PG27A

The Asus ROG Swift PG27A may not be a fit choice of many gamers. To mention it before you read all the features, it is pricey. Yet, each and every penny you spend on this monitor will be justified with the supreme quality it offers. It comes with a superb 4K display with Nvidia G-Sync. The monitor provides a pair of reliable speakers, that lifts the overall listening experience to unimaginable heights. 

Asus ROG Swift PG27A The colours too will tempt you to play games throughout the day. The monitor supports 130 percent of the sRGB colour gamut. The brightness might be a slight let down, i.e. only 234 nits of brightness. Yet, the monitor’s grand 27-inch size and speediness of 4 millisecond response time will awe you.

LG 24MP59G-P

Here comes an entrant for the budget-saving folks. Coming straight away to the features, the LG 24MP59G-P. First things first, the super 24-inch size will blow your mind. The 1920 x 1080 display is a promising choice. The colour quality is supremely vital while purchasing a gaming monitor, and this one covers an excellent 93 percent of sRGB colour spectrum. Its brightness can go up to 246 nits of brightness. The monitor is compatible with AMD FreeSync, and the overall design of the body is to die for.

The superb two-toned red and black colour adds to its grace. To present a more comfortable experience, the stylish LG 24MP59G comes with a tiny four-direction joystick set. It merely makes your navigation through menus easier.

Alienware AW5520QF

This one is undoubtedly a supreme OLED gaming monitor. If you like a flat TV screen more than a bulky monitor, then Alienware AW5520QF will give you the exact same feeling. The price of the monitor can make you a bit nervous, that is a total amount of $2,999, but you would be tempted to buy this one after reading the features. Firstly, close your eyes and think about how the beautiful 4K OLED screen would look in your gaming room. The monitor comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, and a speedy nature with the 1-millisecond response time. The AMD FreeSync ensures a hassle-free gaming experience. The product comes with a beautiful set of speakers on it. If you are ready to spend some extra pennies, then nobody can replace this one in your cart list.

Razer Raptor 27

This one is listed in the list at 7th number, but it leads as the best among all. Consider this laptop as the Captain America of all; no one can deny its performance! As the name suggests, it comes in a grand size of 27-inch, with a 2560 x 1400 panel. It supports 162.1 per cent of the sRGB colour gamut and provides 295 nits of brightness. The vibrant colours can please even the stone-hearted ones too. Talking about performance and speed, the Razer Raptor 27 has a fantastic refresh rate of 144 Hz and speediness of 1 millisecond response time. Bingo!

You get HDR400 support by IPS panel. The monitor also brings a few display presets like the Racing Game, MMO Game and the FPS Game. If you aspire to have a fancy-looking monitor, then the Razor Raptor 27’s sleek design will steal your heart.

ViewSonic Elite XG270

Who doesn’t love an offer that gives so much in just a few dollars? The ViewSonic Elite XG270 is a superb gaming monitor that comes for a minimal price of $429. It has a 27-inch display size with measurements of 1920 x 1080. The performance and speed is also fairly good, with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 1 ms response time. The monitor provides an IPS panel. It comes with HDR10 support too. The monitor is compatible with AMD FreeSync Nvidia G-Sync. The monitor covers a superb 132 per cent of the sRGB colour gamut. The monitor is capable of emitting 277 nits of brightness, a commendable number. This monitor is best for eSport games. The only loophole in this monitor is its inconvenient design.

Dell 24 S2417DG

Here comes a product for the ones looking for a top-notch 1440p gaming monitor, the Dell 24 S2417DG. The monitor display is 24-inch. The Nvidia G-Sync panel supports 123 per cent of the sRGB colour spectrum. The monitor is capable of providing 284 nits of brightness. There are many who like the portrait mode more, and this monitor provides easy convenience to such groups. The Dell monitor is equipped with a luxurious RTS setting. Presets like the FPS, RTS, and RPG modes are also available.

BenQ Zowie XL2540

This would be perhaps the best gift anyone could give to a pro-level gamer. The screen size is 24-inch and comes with an outstanding 240Hz refresh rate. Its speed, too, is rapid, with a one millisecond response time. The monitor comes with compatibility with both G-Sync and FreeSync. The monitor comes with multiple presets and an effective control pod. A pair of adjustable light screens is what acts as an icing on the cake.