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10 Most Affordable 3D Printers That You Can Buy

10 Most Affordable 3D Printers That You Can Buy

3D printing has been in the headlines for various beneficial reasons all across the world. As the name is suggesting itself, it can help users to print any object in the form of 3-Dimensional CAD stands for computer-aided design. In simple terms, it can be defined as the blend of software and hardware starting with a file based on computer-aided configuration and further creating the drawing of any object in three dimensions. The large scale use of 3D printers can be seen everywhere, like in manufacturing small objects such as clips to enormous airplane wings. The use of 3D printers in every field like prosthetics, dental implants, and accessories are revolutionizing our lives.

The things to look for while purchasing 3D printers


Different printers give different accuracy levels when we use them. The prices of 3D printers also vary according to their accuracy level. And if you want more accuracy from a 3D printer then it will be costlier also. Moreover, considering material shrinkage, geometry part, and size is equally essential for production.

Technology of Printer

Currently, 3D printers are based on four types of technologies including Photopolymer, 3D printers based on Material extrusion, Binding 3D printers and Selective Deposition Lamination. You will need to understand which technology-based 3D printer is suitable for your needs before purchasing it.

Printing Speed

Printers work with CAD files to print any object in 3D dimensions. Each printer goes on to print the object while taking the CAD file layer by layer. Sometimes, you may also need to finish the object printing manually. So, the finishing speed plays an important role when you decide to buy a 3D printer.

Raw Material

Raw material also plays a deciding role when it comes to purchasing a 3D printer. Not all 3D printers can handle all types of raw material. So, think about your requirements before buying a 3D printer.

Here is the list of some useful 3D printers which can fulfil your both personal and professional requirements. These all are affordable too.

Anet 8

The 3D printer is not only affordable but also easy to assemble. You can assemble the 3D printer only in 10 minutes without having any technical knowledge. The open-source FDM 3D printer offers an accuracy of almost 0.1mm with 220x220x240 mm print volume. Compatible with ABS and PLA materials due to the presence of the heating plate going up to even 100 degree Celsius, the 3D printer has a full color touch screen of 2.8 inches. The inclusion of five buttons and the LCD screen is helpful in smooth operation and resuming the printing from the point exactly where you have left.

Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

It is well suited and affordable for the needs of beginners of 3D printing. However, it is not so suitable for professional projects. Still, it is equipped with the filaments of the primary level to advance one such as ABS and PLA to even more composite metal and wood, dissolvable PVA, etc. You can use any material to create a high-level model.

FlashForge Finder

The user friendly and affordable 3D printer comes in the sturdy design of plastic alloy. It offers safe and quiet operation, making it ideal for everyone to use in offices, homes and classrooms. The 3D printer has a color touchscreen of 3.5 inches with intuitive and interactive icons making the operations much easier. Besides, it has good connectivity with flash drives and Wi-Fi. Apart from these, the 3D printer is well assisted by an intelligent leveling system along with positioning 0.0001 inches Precision on the Z-axis and on the XY plane the Precision is 0.0004.

Photon Zero

The low-cost machine is based on SLA technology with 97x54x150mm build volume. It offers the layer resolution of almost 10 microns. The UV based new model allows the distribution of UV light in a more uniform way providing the users with high quality in their printed materials. Moreover, the 3D printer comes assembled, making it the perfect beginners printer. Its cooling system is capable of giving you prints in a more stable way.


The easy to use and manageable 3D printer not only offers basic features but also filled with some highly advanced attributes. Equipped with a touch screen in full color, the FDM technology-based printer comes semi-assembled. It has included the renowned heated bed known as Anycubic Ultrabase offering powerful and extraordinary adhesion during the process of printing. The 3D printer has been introduced with a filament sensor that not only pauses the ongoing print but also sets off an emergency alarm if it is running out of the required filament. Moreover, it supports flexible filaments like PLA, TPU and ABS.

Ender 3

The 3D printer based on FDM technology is open source and can be placed anywhere. Stuffed with fantastic safety features,  the printer comes with a kit including partially assembled necessary tools and a sample filament. Moreover, the vast community of 3D printing is busy in improving the other features and design of this 3D printer. The printer has been supported by two fuses separately and power supply of high quality to your printer from damage due to sudden and unexpected surge in the power supply. The printer comes with 220x220x250 of build volume, and it will take you only a few minutes to start it as the heating plate gets heated in only 5 minutes.

SUNLU 3D Printer

The 3D printer comes with 310x310x400mm print volume offering excellent quality while printing the 3D models. It is suitable for the needs of both professional and beginners projects. Stuffed with inductive three sensors set separately on the axis XYZ along with the switches that can limit high Precision, the 3D printer maintains stability and quality at high levels even if the printing is going on high speed. Moreover, it has individual filaments detecting and setting off the alarm if running out of filament. Some other features of the printer include a large area for print and quick detection if there is power loss.

JG Maker Magic

With 220x220x250mm printing volume and heating plate reaching up to 110 degree Celsius, the DIY 3D printer is adhering to filaments like ABS and PLA. The printer is excellent not only for its affordable price but also for its features. It is equipped with a nozzle of 0.4mm allowing the use of filaments of 1.75mm to reach an extrusion temperature of almost 250 degree Celsius. Moreover, the 3D printer shows the printing status in real-time with its LCD monochrome display providing excellent user experience. The 3D printer can be used in your office, school or home with its lightweight and compact body made of aluminium and silicon wire.

Its power supply has been built into its base. It comes in different pre-assembled parts, and so it is easy to assemble the printer. Some other prominent features of this 3D printer include detection system if the filament is running out, hot plugin based on SD Card, a side holder for filament and sturdy base of metal.

Artillery Sidewinder X1

The compactly built 3D printer with the aluminium body comes with the printing volume of 300x300x400mm, which is relatively very large. It offers high printing speed with excellent accuracy of about 50 micrometres according to printing quality. The sleek and affordable 3D printer is based on FDM technology and provides many exciting features like efficient handling of essential to advanced filaments, etc.  It has a color touchscreen which is user friendly, also ensuring the use of the main features of this 3D printer efficiently. Some other most significant features of the 3D printer include detection and recovery system for power loss and filament run out.

 Sovol SV01 3D Printer

If you are willing to start into the 3D printing world, then the 3D printer is not only affordable but also packed with many features. The direct drive extruder and lead screw based on dual Z are significant enough to increase the stability and quality of printing. Also, it has an in-built power supply which ensures sufficient and stable power. The printer supports multiple filaments like TPU, PLA, ABS, etc. and you can assemble and install the printer in only thirty minutes.

The Best Gaming Laptops Under $ 1000 in 2020

The Best Gaming Laptops Under $ 1000 in 2020

The computer industry has traveled a long way since the days when purchasing a laptop meant something that costs you the glittering stars and moon. Nowadays, if you are a fan of online game playing and are willing to buy a computer, then you can buy it without hurting your budget. Moreover, you can purchase a high performing and quality laptop at an affordable price. These devices have robust and high-end hardware that can keep you busy with hours of online gaming. Before you move to purchase a laptop for playing an online game, it is necessary to gather the right information based on some crucial facts that play a vital role in gaming laptops.

Battery life and screen size

Screen size plays a crucial role when it comes to buying a gaming laptop. You can purchase a gaming laptop with a mid-range screen size of 15 inches. If you are willing to choose a 13 inches screen, it can create trouble when it comes to playing AAA online games with graphics at the highest fidelity. Moreover, extended battery life is also vital to enjoying online gaming on your laptop. You can get the idea by reviewing the battery life of the computer you are planning to purchase.


GPU is the main reason you are spending money on a gaming laptop. Everything is controlled by the GPU in your laptop device, including managing all the games which you play. It transfers images through data processing to your screen along with transmitting signals to your device monitor. So, you can consider 4GB VRAM GPU as the average for your gaming laptop. Similarly, the speed of accessing data in the device is controlled by RAM, and so you can choose 8 to 16 GB RAM for getting higher gaming experience.

You can now choose your gaming laptop after going through the below-given information about various laptops that come under $1000:

Dell G5587

The laptop can be a great choice if you want to enjoy online gaming without interruption with high-performing visuals. It runs on Intel processors Core i7-8750H of 8th generation along with CPU speed of 3.9 GHz. Both combinations are capable of providing incredible performance while playing online games. The laptop packed with impressive and advanced technology, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti, can give you gorgeous images. Moreover, it loads the games more speedily with its 128GD SSD and more massively with  1 TB storage of 5400RPM. It provides a connection to external monitors in an excellent way through its HDMI 2.1 for 4K ports of 60Hz.

The device is equipped with cooling technology based on dual fans plus cooling vents to cool off your device. It has two speakers firing at the front powered by the Waves MaxxAudio technology delivering excellent experience regarding sound when you enjoy online gaming. Also, the laptop is highly durable with its alloy braces of magnesium and ultra-sleek in look.

Lenovo Ideapad L340

The laptop offers excellent gaming experience with its full HD screen of 15.6 inches. The HD screen can give you the best angles to view the game and colors. Moreover, the best part of the laptop is its keyboard, which is designed in such a way that you can use the backlight settings of it. The inclusion of Dolby based audio technology is enough to enhance your experience regarding audio when you are enjoying the game. Additionally, it gives approximately eight to nine hours of battery life.

Acer Nitro 5

The gaming laptop’s design includes sleek lines with hard edges along with its 15.6 inches full display of HD ISP. The native resolutions of 1920x 1080 pixels with widescreen LED-backlit is enough to immerse you in stunning visual experience by providing more excellent brightness in images. The laptop gives 8GB DDR4 memory, ensuring fast loads even when you have left multiple tabs open at a time. The use of 7th generation Intel processors core i5 provides quick and smooth gaming experience. The laptop comes with Acer technology for a cooling boost for speeding the fans and cooling your device.

Lenovo Ideapad 3

The laptop with 14 inches screen comes with two IPS panels of 1080 intended for improving the visuals. It has 60Hz and 120 Hz screen displays, delivering brightness to incredible levels so you can enjoy your online gaming without any issues. It is a lightweight and portable device making it easy for you to enjoy the game even while traveling or commuting. Its webcam comes with a physical shutter giving you the essential privacy. Packed with Vega 8 graphics of AMD Radeon, the device helps you focus on the crucial aspects by giving you the details of the high level. Besides, it features processors of the newer generation along with featuring 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD guaranteeing you a magical and smooth online gaming session.


The gaming laptop launched by Micro-Star International, MSI GF65, comes with enhanced graphics cards, further improving your online gaming experience. The key specifications that can compel you to buy the GF65 involve an excellent GPU coming with a graphics adapter of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 that provides extraordinary processing power for graphics. Compared to the GPU model used previously, this GPU is capable of delivering a massive manipulation of memory accelerating the creation of images. When you are planning to pick a perfect gaming laptop, then you can’t ignore its memory. GF65 comes with an 8GB RAM of memory capacity to enhance your online gaming experience. Some other crucial specifications of the laptop include 15.6 inches display, an AMD Ryzen processor, and 24 hours of battery life.


The laptop comes with a screen size of 15.6 inches guaranteeing full HD 1080 resolution. It has the response time of 3ms and 120Hz refresh rate. These features, coupled with a sleek design, the right amount of processing power, and high memory, make the laptop exceptional for your gaming experience. Moreover, the ninth generation’s Intel processors used in the G531GT is setting it miles ahead of its rivals. The processor is adequate to give your lag-free online gaming experience. The laptop provides a memory of 16GB along with the storage of 1TB SSD, making it an outstanding notebook under $1000 for online gaming. However, the battery life is not impressive, but it is somewhat decent for playing online games on the laptop.

Dell Inspiron 7573

The gaming laptop is not only excellent regarding sound versatility but also provides clear images very much essential for online gaming. Powered by the MaxxAudio technology, the gaming laptop produces sound with the right tone and highs. Besides, the use of Intel processor Core i7-8550U is enough to provide you highly responsive gaming performance without any interruption. You can also enhance your gaming experience and accelerate your performance while playing the most demanding online games with UHD 620 graphics. It comes with a screen display of 1920×1080 to make the gaming images appear vibrant with more color ranges and prominent details.

Highly portable with its sleek design, the laptop weighing only 4.98 pounds can be bent at a 360-degree angle. Apart from these striking features, it also features a backlit keyboard making it possible for you to enjoy your online game even when the light is dim. Additionally, it gives 8 hours of battery life and powered by SmartByte technology; the laptop offers the enhanced streaming of online games with the right bandwidth.


Powered by the 8th generation Intel processor Core i5, the gaming laptop is ideal for online gaming when playing at low settings. If you want to use the computer solely for playing online gaming, its GPU is enough to provide you with a decent online gaming experience when setting on the low or medium range. However, its storage is not so excellent, but it comes with expandable SSHD, which can be upgraded up to 1TB. It has a sharp display and backlit keyboards allowing you to enjoy playing the online game even in dim lights. Moreover, it has dual fans providing enough cooling to your device when heated after hours of gaming. Some other specifications of the gaming laptop involve 4 hours of battery life and 8GB of memory.


If you are looking for a sleek design and robust performance laptop, then MSI GF63 is the best choice for you. Combined with ultra-slim and stylish outlook, the computer is well-designed for the online game players’ needs. The sturdy metal made chassis, and the blend of metal and plastic at its bottom surface is enough to make it more durable. It comes with a full-screen display of 15.6 inches in a frame of 14 inches along with a webcam with a 720p at its top. The presentation of 1080p is enough to deliver vibrant and bright images guaranteeing you an impressive and uninterrupted online gaming experience and that too full of multiple colors.

The refresh rate of 60Hz and in-built IPS technology allows you to enjoy even modern online games like Warhammer-Vermintide 2. Stuffed with a comfortable keyboard, the device has excellent reviews regarding its sturdy build-up and less noise while using the keys. The gaming laptop is packed with graphics cards of Nvidia GTX, delivering sharp and striking images. Powered by the Intel processor Core i5, the gaming device is well designed to provide exceptional gameplay. Moreover, with its 16GB RAM, you can run various applications and run multiple browsing tabs simultaneously. Besides, the storage capacity of 1TB SSD is adequate to speed up data transfer and boot up.

 2019 HP OMEN

With its chassis made up of black metal and divided into four sections, the highly durable laptop comes with a bright screen size of 15.6 inches. The display is capable enough to deliver warm and vibrant images along with handling even darker shades efficiently. The laptop comes with a red-backlit keyboard with well-spaced, and big keys and a number pad gives you the refreshing experience of online gaming. Packed with two speakers mounted at its bottom, the laptop loud and vibrant sound required when you are playing your favorite game.

Moreover, it is equipped with essential ports for your gaming and streaming needs. The device is quite powerful featuring three USB ports, and HDMI ports, a port of Type-C, combo jack, and a jack for headphones. It is powered by an Intel 9th generation processor and memory of 12GB RAM along with 128GB SSD storage. Packed with NVIDIA GeForce’s graphics cards, the laptop delivers accurate and vibrant colors with a webcam of 720p. Additionally, it has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 support for better connectivity.

The Best Video Doorbells for 2020

The Best Video Doorbells for 2020

Ting tong! Doesn’t this sound sudden create a slight curiosity in you? Is anyone we were expecting has arrived, or some unexpected visitor has surprised us. These uncertainties are pleasant if we are inside the home, but what if there is a knock on the door and we are not available?

The integration of conventional doorbell, security, and technology now makes it possible for us to look out for any such surprise entry. With everything being smart these days, how can technology lag in converting age-old doorbells into a smart and secure device? Now every working couple can heave a sigh of relief, sit back in their cubicles and keep an eye on any unwanted intruders from miles away.

 Using a video doorbell is no rocket science. It is easy to operate and comes with in-built security cameras, which send a real-time alert on our phone and enable us to look at the buzzer and chat with the person. And the smart lock allows us to let the buzzer into the house and voila you don’t have to move an inch for that.

Most of the video doorbells come with amazing features such as Wi-Fi, rechargeable battery, two-way communication, a video feed, and recording apart from the traditional button. Since the installation,storage,design, quality,vary for every doorbell, we have narrowed down the top 10 tried and tested products to save your precious time.

Arlo Video Doorbell

This well-performing cam comes at the price of $150 with $3 a month for cloud storage. Cloud storage subscription gets you access to state-of-the-art technology like alerts on arrival of package delivery or if any animal is nearby the Arlo’s view. Other amazing features include two-way communication mode, a doorbell with solid hardwire, automated schedule for arm/disarm modes and motion detector zones. And if you are down with the budget, you can always go for an $80 Arlo audio Doorbell and use it with an Arlo Pro series camera. 

You can also start on your own by following Arlo app’s steps, setting up the process, and completing the initial configuration.

Nest Hello

Nest Hello video doorbell, although it comes at the price of $229, along with essential features such as motion detection, a crisp 1080p HD footage, live streaming, alerts and person detection. The person detection feature is different from detecting faces but tells you that it saw a person. With a monthly or yearly subscription you can elevate your Nest Aware cloud subscription services.

Other exciting features are scheduling and geo-fencing and you control the camera’s on/off function. And with $5 a month, it can scan faces and tell who is at the door from the images of friends and family members you ID in the app. The optional facial recognition feature and advanced integrations with the Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Google Home speakers set the bar high for other video doorbells. And if you want to install on your own, then download the Nest app for Android and iOS and get going.

Ring Peephole Cam

If you are not feeling like drilling a hardwired or battery powered doorbell into your doorframe, then Peephole cam is a quintessential alternative. With a large population living in apartment styled buildings, this peephole cam is a perfect makeshift for them at the affordable cost of $199. Your regular peephole can be transformed into a live visual from where you can monitor the front door activity, and enquire with the visitor. If subscribed to Ring’s Protect cloud service at $3 a month, you can monitor the saved clips within 60 days of access. If you are an Alexa-lover and have a compatible smart display, connect peephole with that see the video feed on a larger screen, and communicate directly to the visitor on the door with simple voice commands. Also, its installation is the easiest of all of the other options.

All in all it is the most viable option for those who don’t want to indulge in hardwiring and messing up their door frame with screw holes.

August Doorbell Cam Pro

At the price of $199, August Doorbell Pro Cam offers High Definition live streaming, motion detection, two-way talk, a built-in floodlight for low-light conditions. Also, you can integrate it with Nest and Amazon Alexa devices. And with $5 a month, you can have access to its cloud storage services. August Doorbell is a feasible option if you want to use it with an August Smart Lock or Smart Lock Pro. Its in-built floodlight assures that you can view your video in color rather than standard night vision grayscale. 

August Android and iOS app make it easy to install and set up your Doorbell Cam Pro by following the step-by-step instructions. It is important to note that your Doorbell Cam Pro must be connected to your local Wi-Fi network before installing outside. So go for this budget-friendly device and start up the process.

Soliom Video Doorbell

What makes this smart bell apart from the other devices is its two intelligent unusual features i.e., it is solar-powered and has a micro SD slot for local storage. At the cost of $199, these additional features are bonanza where you can evade any need to hardwire your buzzer or pay for cloud storage. In case you don’t want to buy a micro SD card and go to the local storage route, Soliom can still store up to 20 video clips at a time in the cloud. The video records both day and night vision to provide the footage of high quality. With its motion sensor, it notifies every time someone is at the front door. Need not to say it comes with a built-in speaker and microphone to communicate directly with the visitor.

Soliom is a wire-free, hassle-free self-sustainable package with a 5000mAh lithium battery. It has a one-step installation process where you need not worry about connecting wires to your doorbell. Just set it up and let solar energy do its course of work.

SkyBell Video Doorbell

This latest version of SkyBell has a Wi-Fi enabled Doorbell with a 1080 high-definition resolution, on-demand clip recording, and free video storage and IFTTT channel and integration with Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit and Google/Alphabet’s Nest. SkyBell is well-equipped with motion sensors that alert even if the button has not pressed, imparting additional security; live monitoring of the front door from the app; free video recording so you can watch them as per your schedule; two-way audio means and color night vision. Even if you are away, you can review the entire day’s events in its activity history. You can also have multiple devices on each account so that multiple people can receive alerts. And all this comes at the small cost of $199.

Skybell HD is simple to install by switching off power to your doorbell, removing your old buzzer, and attaching existing wires to the included Skybell mounting plate. Although Skybell also provides a door chime adapter that requires extra effort, that is why it is easiest to install with a traditional mechanical chime.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This $249 Pro doorbell has a sleek design that is more likely to fit on a door frame than its counterparts. Besides you have to pay $3 a month for cloud storage. Ring Pro provides a sharp 1080p high-definition video during the daytime and a well lit good contrast up to around 20 feet at night. It has live video streaming and third party partnerships with IFTTT and Wink. The exciting feature is that you can set a motion alert zone and schedule when to receive alerts on the Ring app’s video feed. Make sure to check the quality of your Wi-Fi connection, or the video will not be up to the mark.

Installation is super easy with Android and iOS mobile apps. Also, wire extenders are included in the box so you can improve your connection. It would not take more than 30 minutes if you can save time from drilling and rerouting wire.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

The most remarkable feature of this $230 Video Doorbell is that it starts recording motion events before the doorbell sends you an alert. Ring Plus is a complete package with a wide range of indoor and outdoor cameras, smart lighting, an excellent DIY Ring Alarm system, which gives the best home-security ambiance. A peculiar feature ‘‘near zone” is added if a motion within 15 feet takes place in front of the doorbell. In case you are looking for some privacy and don’t want any particular area of your or any neighbor’s house to be surveilled, then it provides the feature of privacy zones to block those views. 

Another exciting feature is ‘People Only settings’ which sends alerts only when human presence is detected. You can also attach your wired doorbell to Ring Video doorbell 3 Plus to ring the existing chime. If you have an Amazon Echo smart speaker or smart display in your home, enable the Ring skill in the Alexa app and hear the doorbell chime on your Echo if any visitor encounters it at your door.

August View

The improved August Doorbell Camera with a rectangular design, simple installation, removable and rechargeable battery instead of wires, comes at the cost of $230. August View works with Alexa and Google Assistant and comes with its plus-in chime and would not connect with your existing mechanical or digital chime. Its main attraction is a 1440p resolution camera, which delivers a sharp image of the day, and night vision is equally bright with a range of 10 feet.

The August View is customized with a sensitive as well as a non-selective motion sensor that gives alerts if any intruder is lurking around and does not ring the bell. In case of inactivity outside,View goes into idle state, thus conserving battery life. With fast recharging capacity of an hour via the USB, it is equipped with a single rechargeable battery, thus confirming the long battery life of View’s.

Remo + RemoBell S

The RemoBell S is a reasonably good camera that delivers much higher resolution at the price of $99. Most of the companions of RemoBell S cost twice as much as it provides 1080p video resolution, but you will need an already wired doorbell to power this one. Its various features comprise a 180-degree field of view, dewarping option for live view, an onboard mic and speaker, two-way communication mode. Remo+ lets you store an unlimited number of video clips in the cloud for three days without any cost. If you need further storage, it costs a reasonable $3 per month to store an unlimited number of clips in the cloud on a rolling 30-day basis.

It provides 24/7 surveillance and authorizes you to mark the areas and eventually sends an alert on your device if any motion is encountered within its periphery.Installation is easy to carry out with the help of DIY instructions.

Life is running at a fast pace today. Our mind is continuously occupied with professional responsibilities, but our hearts always ponder the things going behind us at our home. These technologies make our lives easy and take our mind off the fear of any mishappening that might occur in our absence. This article will save your time in searching for what is best in the market. I hope this information turns out to be fruitful in your hunt for a pro video doorbell.

10 Best Wireless Security Cameras in 2020

10 Best Wireless Security Cameras in 2020

Get smart wireless security cameras to keep your property and home safe by monitoring whatever is happening inside and outside your home and office.

Safety is essential for everyone, but it becomes crucial when it comes to your little ones. We can’t keep an eye everywhere to see whether our loved ones and property are protected or not.  But, modern technology has the solution for your safety concerns in multiple ways. Advanced technology provides wireless security cameras in numerous ranges that can protect your business and home and keep an eye on your loved ones. However, there is no shortage of wireless security cameras in the market. Let’s explore the best security cameras of 2020.

Security Camera: Features and Price

Image quality plays an important role when you decide to buy a wireless security camera. The entire point to buy a security camera depends on the quality of the visuals it offers. If you have an idea what exactly you want, modern cameras are coming in a wide range, delivering excellent video quality and visuals. Many of these cameras are often compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa. The compatibility of wireless security cameras with such virtual assistants allows you to control things remotely at your home or business.

 Also, you can choose among many options of power required to run your wireless security camera. Besides, these cameras are available in the various price ranges, and so you can choose from them according to your budget. Since these cameras don’t require any memory to store the videos and the use of memory will depend on your security camera’s purpose.

What’s the Purpose?

You can narrow down your choices regarding the purchase of a wireless security camera by determining the purpose. You can choose your security camera with the right size, color, and compatibility if you know where you have to use it. If the security camera is to be installed outside your home or office, then it can be a big one or a small one. If you want a security camera to fit inside your home, it will need to be conspicuous a bit less.

You may need to install a wireless security camera in your child’s room to know when he or she starts crying. Also, a wireless security camera inside your home helps keep it secure by keeping an eye on staff if it is large or a babysitter if you have hired one. Moreover, the location to mount these wireless security cameras are also important. Outdoor cameras are often positioned at the top or some elevated position along with having the capacity to withstand extreme cold, heat, and rain. On the contrary, wireless security cameras used indoors are often designed to fit even in much smaller spaces.

Here is the list of some of the top-rated wireless security cameras to make your selection easy.

Arlo Pro 2

Considered to be the best wireless security camera, Arlo Pro 2 is equipped with a smart siren, two-way audio, free cloud recordings, and many other features. Moreover, it is compatible with popular virtual assistants like Echo Show, Alexa, Google Assistant, Fire TV, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, and other devices and apps. The wireless security camera offers brilliant details for more enhanced resolution with its HD 1080p video quality. Moreover, it can illuminate up to 25 feet with its LED-powered lights and IR based night vision. The smart siren used in the wireless camera is enough to alert you regarding intruders and your neighbor if there is any problem.

The wireless security camera has a 24/7 optional video recording system allowing you to know whoever is entering your home in your absence. Powered by motion alerts, the camera can cover almost 2500 square feet and line of sight about 300 ft. The lookback option for 3  seconds allows you to see everything that has happened just before the event has been triggered. However, the feature can be used indoors only.

Wansview Wireless Security Camera

 The wireless security camera setup works well with the internet connection to deliver high quality and smooth live video. It offers a 1080P HD resolution video in a crystal clear and steady way so you can keep an eye anytime and anywhere on your home. Packed with in-built microphone and two-way audio speakers, it allows you to communicate through the camera efficiently. You can install it outdoors and indoors, as it offers motions in a good range with easy installation. Also, it is compatible with Wi-Fi 2.4 G; however, it does not support 5G technology. You can install the Wansview Wireless Security Camera in your baby’s room to see if he is alright.

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera From, IeGeek

Designed with a 6700mAh rechargeable battery, the IeGeek wireless security camera lasts for 2 to 6 months and gives secure options for installation. The camera notifies automatically when the battery remains 20%, giving you enough to recharge it conveniently. Equipped with the PIR Detection system, the security camera helps in reducing the alarms ringing falsely. It ensures that the triggering of the sensors is only touched by mammals with 37 degrees Celsius or 98 degrees Fahrenheit body temperature. Further, the system eliminates causing false alarms by insects, branches of trees, birds, lizards, etc.

Additionally, the HD video resolution of 1080P is enough to give you clear and crystal images. It has been made with a resistant system to exposure to avoid any damage and glare from weather conditions. The camera also supports night vision so you can see even in the dark without any worry. However, the wireless security camera works only with the app CloudEdge, but it is easy to use and install.

Zumimall Wireless Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera

The outdoor security camera comes with a battery of 10400mAh that can last for 3 to 6 months. It is compatible with Wi-Fi 2.4 G., So if you want to upgrade it to work for 5G Wi-Fi, you will need to look for some other option. Moreover, it comes with a paid cloud storage and an SD card micro in size. Besides, the camera is equipped with Smart Sensors based on PIR Motion system to avoid any alarms rang falsely. Apart from these, the camera supports full HD images of  1080P with stunning quality and comes with night vision with the range of 55ft. Also, it helps a two-way audio feature making it easy to hear everything clearly in the video.

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

 Equipped with two-way audio, the Blink XT2 is suitable for indoor and outdoor needs. Moreover, the camera can give you a battery life of almost two years with its two lithium AA batteries. The battery is extended to two years, even if you are using your camera with a combination of motion recording and live view along with two-way communication. The two audio services serve your various communication issues when installed indoors. For example, if you are not at your home to receive your delivery, the camera will help you to establish communication with the delivery boy and let you provide instructions in detail to him regarding the package.

Besides, the Blink XT2 supports free cloud storage and motion sensors. It is also compatible with Alexa and has night vision. It delivers quality images of 1080P HD resolution.

Conico Outdoor Security Camera

The outdoor security camera comes with IP 65 Weatherproof feature making it suitable to withstand extreme weather and temperature ranging between -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees. Also, it can withstand even a storm. The camera has two antennas to get powerful support for Wi-Fi and has a battery with a large capacity designed to remain charged even for  3 to 6 months. The PIR motion sensors are capable of seeing the people coming to your home. Moreover, PIR Motion Detection is smart enough to differentiate between humans and non-humans and avoid false alarms.

UOKIER Wireless Security Camera

Equipped with Motion Detection and PIR features, the wireless camera is smart enough to discern between human and non-human entities and provides relevant alerts. It can be used for indoor and outdoor uses while connecting it with 2.4 G Wi-Fi. You can avail TF card or paid cloud storage for your videos. You will need to purchase the TF card and cloud storage separately. Moreover, It is powered by two-way audio smoothing your communication with the camera irrespective of your location and night vision for up to 32ft. It gives high-quality images with 1080P HD resolution and infrared.

HMD2 Wireless

The wireless security camera comes with a rechargeable battery with a solar panel. It is compatible with the solar panel of HMS1, so you don’t need to worry about recharging your device battery. You can establish a connection with HMD2 through the app available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app has an intuitive user interface that helps the users set up the camera, recording, and managing your device. Since it is weatherproof and so it is ideal if you will use it outdoors. It can rotate for 130 degrees with a 25fps frame rate. Some other features involve the PIR Motion sensor capable of discerning human entities from non-human entities and two-way audio. It allows you to communicate with delivery personnel and visitors without any need to open the doors.

AMZSUN Security Camera

The wireless camera has various striking features along with an App interface, which is intuitive enough to allow the users to pair up and control the device as per their mobile device comfort. It is excellent for both indoor and outdoor, offering 130-degree surveillance. It is easy to recharge the camera as you will get the notifications from the device when it starts running out of battery. Moreover, the night vision and alarm motion sensor are enough to make you aware of intruders. The presence of an infrared sensor starts turning on automatically on a dim light.

Litmor Wireless Security Camera

The wireless security camera is filled with features like the siren of 106 dB and 92-lumen spotlight helpful to deter suspicious things or individuals trying to enter your house. The presence of two-way audio is suitable to help you to establish communication without opening your doors. It rotates 360 degrees and has a battery life of 3 to 6 months. Also, it has the night vision and HD quality images of 1080P resolution.

The Best 10 Laptops of the Year 2020

The Best 10 Laptops of the Year 2020

Whether you need something suitable for your work and entertainment needs, travel, or home, here is the list of some of the best laptops considering all your needs.

With more and more people staying and working from home due to the current lockdown, the need for a good laptop has increased than ever before. As more and more companies are encouraging their employees to work from home, laptops with sound quality have become the most crucial aspect of our day to day lives. The best laptop allows you to get your official work done correctly and enjoy games and movies. Moreover, you can remain in touch with your friends and distant relatives also.

Nowadays, laptops are coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and functionalities. You can see the market flooded with ultraportable notebooks, making it easy for you to work even when you are outside to beastly gaming machines that are perfect in handling even AAA games. Besides, you can find the laptops, which are 2-in-1s, as these can be used as touch screens, and you can get the maximum versatility by folding them into a tablet. Apart from these, while purchasing a laptop, some other details also matter a lot, like the performance of the processor and battery life to the quality of the keyboard and screen of your laptop. Here is an overview of some of the best laptops of the year 2020 with Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and Dell laptops.

Dell XPS 13

It can be considered as the best laptop that you can buy right now. With very few flaws, Dell XPS 13 is delivering an all-round performance. If you are looking for the best Ultrabook that can provide you more productivity and offer outstanding and enhanced visuals while watching your favorite show on Netflix, this should shortlist this. The stunning Infinity Edge display makes it gorgeous, and the ideal 16:10  ratio display is well suited to web browsing and social media.

The 10th generation Ice Lake chip of Intel used in the laptop makes it perfect for multitasking with efficiency and provides you the opportunity to dabble with creative applications and gaming. However, it is a little bit more expensive than its rival laptops, and also the lack of options for ports may frustrate you a little bit. But, the laptop’s battery life is the cherry on the top coming up with six hours of battery life, which is impressive. Dell has set the standard to include a 10th generation Intel chip and a joyous keyboard to a spectacular display.

Honor MagicBook 14

If you are a student or have a tight budget, it can be the best choice. It offers a fantastic battery life with a decent performance regarding your productivity. Its ultra-portable design is making it well suited for the needs of office workers, students, and for all those who are looking for an affordable laptop. It can handle all web browsing and word processing tasks. Moreover, the laptop offers a pleasing section of ports among USB-C, USB-A 2.0, USB-A 3.0, and an HDMI in full size with a headphone jack. The key specifications of the laptop include CPU of AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, Full HD Matte display of 14 in along with 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 can challenge Dell XPS when it comes to the best quality laptop for productivity. The laptop is packed with the greatest and latest components, such as the 10th generation Intel processor Ice Lake. Also, the laptop is featuring integrated graphics for photoshop and casual gaming. Moreover, regarding looks, the slim and lightweight notebook has a classy design and stunning display and available in four different colors, including Cobalt Blue with Alcantara, Sandstone, Platinum with Alcantara, and Matte. Moreover, the laptop offers a wide range of ports with each USB-A and USB-C.

However, there is no support for transferring high-speed data through Thunderbolt 3 but has a large and responsive trackpad and keyboard offering excellent performance. The 3:2 display ratio is better suited for displaying lots of social media sites and content on various web pages. The inclusion of Ice Lake chip is providing the Surface Laptop 3 13 some more perks like support for Wi-Fi 6 for faster and reliable network connectivity. The laptop is suitable for running multiple applications at once and for multitasking. The integrated GPU in the chip makes the laptop well capable if you want to run casual video games like Overwatch and Fortnite.

MacBook Pro

Apple’s MacBook Pro 16 is incredibly powerful with a bigger and stunning display and new scissor keyboard. With high powered graphics cards and processors, the laptop can blast through highly intensive tasks such as animating, video editing, and 3D modeling. Although the computer is expensive, it is worth seeing the significant upgrades made to improve it. MacBook Pro has the Intel core processors of 9th generation, and combining with the Radeon Radeon Pro 5000M series GPUs of AMD has made it capable of providing top-class performance. However, it lacks support for Wi-Fi 6, but the 16 GB RAM helps the laptop achieve a high level of performance while running even intensive applications without any issue.

Huawei MateBook X Pro

With a fantastic ultra-portable design and stunning 2K display, the MateBook X Pro is decent enough to handle basic productivity-related tasks. However, a reflective screen and not so good webcam is holding the MateBook X Oro back from challenging the Dell XPS. However, it is still a great and valuable option for not only students and office workers but also other users. It is one of the best-looking laptops with Emerald Green hue and a responsive trackpad. It is impressive regarding its port selection by pairing two USB-C ports and a traditional single USB 3.0 port along with a headphone jack of 3.5mm. The laptop’s battery life is also not poor as you can achieve 5 to 6 hours per day on screen time, even opening Chrome with multiple tabs and running Slack and Photoshop in the background.

Acer Swift 5

It is one the very first laptops which has featured the Tiger Lake processor of Intel. With its ultra-portable design and stuffing of some of the popular features of the modern laptops in Acer Swift 5 has made it an excellent option for students and people with a strict budget. The use of integrated graphics Intel Xe has enhanced its capabilities for creative performance and gaming. Moreover, the Acer Swift is also featuring an optional GPU Nvidia GeForce MX350, up to 16GB RAM and cloud storage of 1TB. Besides, it is offering plentiful ports, including Thunderbolt, USB Type-C, and USB-A. The new colors like Misty Green color, screen solution for antimicrobial, and a slimmer bezel are some tweaks which are even though minor but significant one.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex

Being introduced with S-Pen stylus, the 2-in-1 laptop is an excellent accessory for sketches and scribbles. It has a long-lasting battery life of about 10 hours, even when you are busy with various tasks opening multiple tabs. However, the device is a little bit expensive and a shallow and unstable hinge keyboard, still the QLED screen able to flip at a 360-degree angle can turn it into a makeshift tablet. With its stylish blue color, it caters to the needs of entry-level creatives and casual productivity users.

LG Gram 17

The laptop weighs only 1350g is 17 inches allowing the users to watch their favorites on Disney Plus and Netflix on a huge screen and that too without suffering from back cramps while commuting to work. The use of the 10th generation Ice Lake processor of Intel is making it highly suitable for multitasking. The other specification involved extended battery life, orange-colored icons for shortcuts on its keyboard,  and speedier SSDs.

It can be termed as one of the most versatile devices powered by 10th generation processors of Intel. It can be an excellent choice for the users looking for a flexible machine that can work equally as a personal tablet and an office laptop. The introduction of the USB-C port is suitable for speedy transfer of data. The 90.2% sRGB is making the screen great for casual users. Its other specifications include the storage ranging from 4GB to 16GB and 128 GB to 1TB.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

The ultra-portable machine comes with an incredible performing CPU and Ryzen 4000 processor of AMD. The laptop also has been featured in a perfectly balanced way. The device is powerful enough to play any PC game in full HD even though the game is AAA. Besides, it supports fancy features like DLSS and ray tracing.

Things to Check Before Buying a Laptop in 2020

Things to Check Before Buying a Laptop in 2020

With the onset of the 20th century, the digital age stepped in, and now it’s almost impossible to live without even a touch of technology. And keeping up with the same theme, let’s talk about laptops today. I am pretty sure you have a laptop or are planning to get one at some point in your life, and just for you, we are going to make a list of the specifications and requirements that you need to look out for before investing in a laptop. And this is a big purchase if you were wondering because it is also a commitment to a single device for at least for the next couple of years.

Although from the outside, buying a laptop might not be a big task, but when you delve into the finer details, you will have a whole lot of different options, which, more often than not, are confusing. So we have dealt with it so that you do not have to get your time used up in this, we have streamlined the options and made it easy to choose from. There are multiple sections that you need to pay attention to starting right from the operating systems leading up to the more extensive specifications that you might prefer. So here they are.

Mac, Windows, or Something Else?

The very first thing that you need to bring into your attention is which operating system you prefer to have. All of them have their specialties and drawbacks.  While traditionally, that debate was dominated by Apple’s MacOS and Microsoft’s Windows, it’s also worth considering Google’s Chrome OS, which tends to come on much more affordable laptops.


Generally called PCs, the systems that run the Windows operating system by Microsoft are immense in number as multiple companies make these. The upper end of these PCs will surpass a Mac easily. Adding on to that, these PCs are highly modifiable and often companies manufacture them tailor-made to a specific specification like gaming or business. Another upper hand that PCs have on other operating systems is the wide variety of applications available for it. Windows is more frequently updated and is a standard system used in game development in game development and many businesses. Unlike Apple’s more limited line up of hardware, there is plenty of choice in the Windows laptop space. Whether you opt for a major manufacturer like Lenovo, or Dell, or one of Microsoft’s own devices, you have a ton of options with Windows laptops.


Apple, like with all of its other products is streamlined in production of the Mac. And coming from one chain of production, it is much more refined in the process. Mac is also very user friendly as it follows the same format and after all it is one company producing it all and therefore they all have similarities. Quality design is one of the hallmarks of a Mac. They are built to look and feel elegant. This extends to Apple’s operating system, MacOS, which is straightforward and intuitive. Mac also provides a host of software pre-installed and is especially useful for editing and recording purposes.

Apple computers do not boast the strongest graphics cards and are generally not used for gaming but they are built to last for daily use and a user can rest easy knowing its hardware will handle the work sent its way. Apart from that, Mac is known to be really expensive and is usually priced at a fairly higher price point than its Windows or other operating systems with the same specifications. For 2020, Apple updated its Macbooks with new butterfly keyboards that many fans had been longing for. The latest lines include a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 16-inch MacBook Pro, in addition to a new MacBook Air model.


Fairly new to the field, ChromeOS is a little different than other existing operating systems. This specifically powers the “Chromebook” laptops that do not run the usual desktop apps that the other operating system offers. The base of this system is that it works through Google Chrome as a base and therefore only chrome extensions and online options are available for the users. Users who want to check their email, or watch something on Netflix and play the occasional mobile game are best suited for this option. Apart from that, Chrome OS is quick and more versatile today than it’s ever been, with support for thousands of Chrome extensions and a plethora of Android apps — though they don’t always scale well with larger laptop displays. ChromeOS is certainly less capable than its counterparts but is a huge opportunity to save a lot of money if you just need the specifications a ChromeOS provides.

So, apart from the operating systems, if you have decided, there is the next decision of what kind of a laptop you want. These next options are more or less just available for Windows and some for Mac operating systems because it’s got the diversity. ChromeOS is more of a specific market product and lacks the diversity of what the other two provide. Moving on, it’s necessary to know what kind of system you prefer at the end of the day, so here they are.

The Types of Laptops

The work you need doing and the budget you have in mind is also one of the main focuses while opting for a laptop. Here are the options that you have:

  • Entry Level ($600 or less) – Laptops can be quite expensive if you look into them; therefore, you have the entry-level ones. Budget laptops are generally light on hardware such as graphics or RAM; do not expect to run AAA games or bounce easily between a hundred browser tabs, but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable.
  • Mainstream ($600-$1000) – This category is the best value for money in this range. You will get a fairly well-equipped system without the hassle of paying for too expensive parts. You aren’t going to see a super-powered graphics chip for your money, but the systems at this price range are truly excellent laptops. There are plenty to choose from too.
  • Premium ($1,000+) – If you can afford a little bit more, you can go for these. These are top of the line at what they do, and you will get top features. Most of the Macs and job-specific laptops, such as gaming and business tailored, are available in this range. Despite the inflated cost of the premium laptop category, there are still plenty of choices.


Further down the line, you will need to get into particular specifications of the laptops that you want to buy. Specifically these:

  • Screen specifications- Choosing the best screen for your price point is really important. Better screen means better resolution. This is the part of the laptop that directly interacts with you, and having a good option is essential.
  • Weight- The weight of your laptop also needs to be kept in check as you will be carrying it around and it will be always on you.
  • RAM- The RAM of your system is basically the space it has to run on, the most straightforward option will be to have more RAM, the more the better.
  • SSD or SSD cache- Having a SSD cache means your system will have better space for performance. If your budget permits, prioritize these laptops even if it means getting a smaller hard-disk.
  • Graphics- One thing that you need to keep in mind before choosing is that size of the video RAM is secondary to the model of the graphics card.  So GTX is better than GTS. and GTS is better than GT in the world of Nvidia
  • Processors- You really need to look into the processors in the laptops you are interested in for better overall performance. The newer the better.

So there you have it, the essential things you need to check and know before buying a laptop in this day and age. All that is left now is to make a decision and buy one. And we have got you covered for that too; our website lenoxtons20.com is guaranteed to have all your laptop needs.

8 Intelligent Tips To Consider When Buying Beauty Products

8 Intelligent Tips To Consider When Buying Beauty Products

Your body is an abode of beauty. Among all the exotic scenes of nature, the human body too is a heavenly creation. This beautiful body deserves to be pampered, nourished and loved. Intensify the magic of your eyes with Kohl, add a rosy tinge to your supple lips, and mark a wing with your eyeliner. Look in the mirror and adore the queen you are!

Well, this queen deserves the best! Aren’t you guilty of giving your body just anything?

Many of the products you use don’t match with your body needs. Making a cosmetic purchase requires an exceptional understanding of the body you have, and the products available in the market. Yes, it is a conscious process, and you just can’t add any cleansing facewash or nail paint to the cart. While most men and women aren’t aware of what’s suitable for their body, Lenoxtons-20 has done its homework well. We at Lenoxtons-20 have listened to the cries of your skin, hair and nails and are all set to enlighten you with the top 10 intelligent tips you need to consider before buying beauty products. These smart tips will help you make the best purchase of body care and beauty products.

Tip 1: Listen To Your Body

Before making any decisions about your body, take its valuable consent. Does your dry skin really need the oil-free facewash you have been saving for? Are your nails happy with the nail paint brand you have been using since years? Think about these questions. No two skin or hair types are the same. Thus, it is mandatory to think wisely before following the trend, or your bestie’s newly shopped products.

Tip 2: Listing Down Will Work

Hey beautiful, you need to do some hard work here. Whether you are a minimal makeup beauty or the college fashionista, you need to jot down what’s required. In your makeup list, you must add the products and their brands you already have, and the items you would want to buy. This way, you have a map in hand every time you hit the cosmetic store. You won’t have to wander aimlessly in the store in search of products. You will know exactly what to add in the cart and what to avoid. This technique saves time and prevents you from purchasing unneeded cosmetic bottles.

Tip 3: Ask Your Pockets

No matter how tempting it may get to buy the latest eye shadow palette, buying that is a waste when you can’t save for that red dress. In simpler terms, you can’t spend a great deal of your salary on cosmetic products. Does that mean you have to compromise with your wishes? Absolutely not.

All that is required is proper planning for your smart cosmetic shopping. Set aside a portion of your money for your beauty products. Now, whenever you purchase the cosmetic products online or hit the store, adhere to the limit. Prioritize the most needed products and leave the less needed ones for the next month. Get the best deals at lenoxtons20.com.  Remember, you are a beauty with a brain!

Tip 4: Check The Ingredients

The fruit cream packed in pinky bottles is mesmerizing to sight and smell. The tempting cream will force you to buy it, but hey, have you checked the ingredients label? Not only creams, but all cosmetic products have loads of good and bad chemicals. While most of these are mild, some chemicals can do more harm than good. Understanding the skin and hair type you have before making any purchase helps you look for the exact ingredients meant for you. For instance, if you have dry skin, you must not purchase any product that’s excess in benzoyl peroxide. Also, it is suggested by experts that every one of us must run far away from paraben loaded products. Products that are paraben-free, organic and mild are your permanent wellwishers. Thus, ingredients in your products do matter a lot.

Tip 5: Put Your Internet To Use

Let Google do the brainstorming for you. How? Before buying a product, it is a wise strategy to look at what others have said about it on the internet. We live in a world of online reviews, so why not make use of them. If you are doubtful about the new mascara in hand, consider checking the reviews online. Another strategy to make your smart shopping smarter is to look for deals and best prices online. Offline shopping isn’t that cost-effective. Wouldn’t it be great if you find the best of products at the most affordable rates? P.S you would be able to save for your stilettos.

Tip 6: Can I Get Some Samples?

Twenty-first-century consumers have left shyness way behind. Do not hesitate to request for samples. It is your right to get the best for yourself, especially in cosmetic shoppings. This way, you would save your body and your hard-earned money. Trying and testing your products before making a purchase never lets you invest in tissue boxes (Understand the pun).

Tip 7: Patch Tests

Before making any purchase, especially for your skin, do a patch test. A patch test requires you to apply a lil bit of the product on a tiny patch of your skin. Notice how it feels. Is it itchy? If yes, then immediately keep the bottle on the store racks. If it seems fine to your skin, then you can make the purchase without any doubts in mind. For this, you need to make sure that you are not applying any makeup prior to the patch test.

Tip 8: Change Your Priorities With Time

Only change is permanent. This statement stands true with your beauty needs too. If your moisturizing cream worked great during the Christmas times that doesn’t mean it will work in sizzling summers too. The point is that your skin and body respond with the changing seasons, and thus their needs also change. Experts say that changing hair and skin products, not only adds variety but may also heal you from prior skin and hair damage. Consider switching the products that no longer give you the benefits. Your body may not need some products that it needed earlier. Runaway from them and look for the new ones. It’s okay to be disloyal sometimes, at least with your products.

The Last Few Words

Aimless cosmetic shopping will give you the best products only if you have luck on your side. Be the smartest belle or hunk you always wanted to be by being an intelligent cosmetic shopper. Smartness is when you get the supreme combo of quality, quantity, and best prices. The job isn’t tough, especially when you have Lenoxtons-20 to guide your path. Yes, you are just one step away from making your dream purchases.

Worried about prices? Get the best deals in beauty products exclusively on Lenoxtons-20. Get started with your Smart Cosmetic Shopping with Lenoxtons-20. Select your product, cross your fingers and place the order. Boom! You are a smart shopper now!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Watch

Things to Consider Before Buying a Watch

Buying a watch is like starting off a new journey; the watch is something that you will have on your body for at least a few years to come. It’s similar to your clothes, but a whole lot more appealing and long-lasting. Not just watch enthusiasts, everyone who is planning on buying a watch will obviously invest a lot of time on the selection that is finally made. Many factors matter when making such a decision, and if you want a permanent answer, you will need to invest time and money. Therefore, to take that little bit of weight off your shoulder, we have come up with all the aspects that you might need to look into before making that significant decision just for you.

You Need to Decide Your Budget

The budget while buying a watch is the most significant decision because you would not want to fall in love with a watch that you do not wish to afford. Deciding what you want before you walk into a shop is essential, but deciding how much you want to spend on your purchase is equally important. You can get a cheap waterproof watch, or you can get an expensive Rolex. How much you spend depends on your budget and what you’re looking for in a watch. The specifications of the watches increase with the budget, but our budget doesn’t always cover all of our needs in specifications. Therefore we need to make up our mind about what we are willing to let go to fit in the budget. You should never make a purchase that may hinder other parts of your life. But not to feel deceived, not all of the best watches in the market are sold for a steep price. There are plenty of quality timepieces that function just as well as high-end ones for a smaller price tag.

The Reason You Are Buying a Watch

The reason for which you have decided that you need a watch plays a crucial role as that will help you pick up the right one for your needs. Watches make it really convenient for us to keep track of time; needless to say, it’s more practical than taking out your phone every time you need to know the time. Apart from that, nowadays, watches are not only used for time telling, but a lot of watches provide its wearer with different advantages ranging from showing the wearer elevation to the speed the wearer is going and even heart rate these are only some of the options available. Also, some people buy watches as a statement piece. Deciding on how you are going to use your watch will help you pinpoint specific brands and features that are a perfect match for your dream watch. If you’re looking for a watch that can flaunt your success, luxury watches are a must. Brands such as Rolex or Patek Philippe have a great selection that caters to different styles and preferences. Military watches often come to mind if you are looking for a watch with more functionality and durability. Luminox, Timex, and Casio produce some of the best yet affordable field and sports watches.

Take a Look at the Style

A watch comes in all shapes and sizes, having decided which category you want a watch in and with which style helps you immensely while choosing which timepiece to go for. Sports, luxury, casual, and vintage, are only some of the broader style specifications. The style you should look for depends on when you plan on wearing your watch the most.

Decide Between Digital or Analogue

Although with the same purpose, both these types of watches rely on entirely different mechanisms. The only similarity between the two is the power source that they use, batteries, which may vary in type too. The appeal of the two kinds of watches appeals to two kinds of audiences. The analog watches appear a little more old fashioned, with clock hands and either roman numerals or digits around the outside. The digital watches moreover have an as in the name, “a digital interface,” Most sports watches have a digital interface, while luxury or casual watches have analog faces. While digital watches are easier to read and typically come with other features, they are much more complicated to use. Nowadays, it’s gone to another level as touch screen watches that can show both are prevalent; still, it’s up to the wearer to decide.

Take a Look at the Materials

One of the finer details that you need to keep an eye out for is the type of material a watch uses. This often defines the quality of the watch as well as how long it may last. Depending on the look you want to go for, you’ll need to decide among a number of materials. You also want to make sure that the material of the watch you choose is of the highest quality.

Pay Attention to the Movement

Mostly applicable to analog watches, you need to pay attention to the movement of the watch. This technically is the life of the watch, the more precise and regular without any infraction, the better. There are various types of movements in a watch, starting from mechanical, which uses a combination of cogs and springs to carry out the movements, but one drawback is that the wearer will have to wind the watch regularly; this might come as an inconvenience to some. That problem is not there for the auto winding mechanical watches. And the most common ones are the quartz version that uses batteries for the task. They are a good choice and have a good shelf life too.


If you are considering buying an expensive watch, you need to keep in mind how much time or money or capability will be needed to maintain the watch. If it’s an expensive watch, you will not just throw It away and buy a new one; therefore, maintenance is an important factor to consider. And not just when it breaks or defects, but from dust and scratches and similar causes.

Your Wardrobe Similarity

A watch is also an accessory along with being a tool; therefore, while looking for a watch to buy that you plan to wear out to events, you need to keep in mind the clothes that you have back home. With which dress do you plan to wear the watch.


The weight of the watch is also a major factor to keep in mind. Generally, as the watches get expensive, the materials get better, and the weight increases. But keeping in mind that at the end of the day the watch will be on our wrist, and we will have to carry it around is really necessary. Considering a watch that won’t be putting a strain on your wrist is recommended.

Considering the Brand

Before going to buy a watch, you need to know which brand you are going for. A watch no matter how reasonably priced is a commitment, and therefore buying one with a reputable company behind it makes the product a little more reliable. An established brand will manufacture watches with a certain standard, and after that, there is always the case of customer service after the service.

Buy From Someone You Trust

After having decided everything that you want, the final act of purchasing should be done from a well known and trusted retailer as, if the seller isn’t good, you might end up with a fake copy, and all your deliberation that you did before won’t lead to anything. Do not worry, the perfect watch for you is out there somewhere, and considering you will have done your research, you can find your ideal watches at lenoxtons20.

Essential Health and Fitness Products You Must Have

Essential Health and Fitness Products You Must Have

The saying of “Health is Wealth” has been used for ages because that is something right without a doubt. Keeping your health sound should come on top of your priority list as that is where the rest of your actions stem from. Regardless, you need to stay healthy, and that is possible without you spending a fortune in gym memberships. Especially with the lockdown in effect all over the world, staying in and exercising is probably the best option you have. And if you are worried about the equipment you might need, we have got you covered for that too. Here are a few types of equipment (weights, medicine balls, yoga mats, and much more) that are must-haves to achieve gym level workout while not stepping out.

Weighted Arm Bands

Although a small touch up to your work out accessories, having that little bit of extra weight will take you a long distance. Having an armband on regardless of the weight makes your exercise more effective many-fold.

TRX Bands

If a former Navy Seal develops it, you know it’s good. The TRX or Total Resistance Exercise bands are incredibly effective, as shown by many research. This equipment has it all; these bands improve your muscle build and also work on your posture and alignment. Apart from that, using it is extremely easy as well as you can get a lot of online tutorials about it too.

Weighted Jump Rope

Did you know one study found that just 10 minutes of jumping rope can be equivalent to a 30-minute jog? That is outright more than any other indoor exercise. Adding a little weight to it makes it that much more effective. The best part being that you can work on how much weight you will prefer, there is the perfect amount of weight for everybody.

Resistance Bands

These elastic bands are perfect for your home work out. Taking up next to no space in your house, these multi-purpose bands can help you get toned while assisting muscle growth, losing unnecessary fat and increasing strength. Resistance bands can replace dumbbells in various categories and are the perfect tool for a home. 

Balance Ball

Probably the most iconic part of yoga, the medicine ball can help you in a variety of ways. The use of this equipment is not limited to any one form; it is a great tool for working on your posture as well as it can be used for stretching very well.

Medicine Balls

Being an all-rounder fitness tool, you can use this weighted ball for various purposes. Throwing it around gives you increased arm strength as well as lifting it can work as dumbbells and work on your muscle growth.


The dumbbell is probably the most used gym equipment out there. Having a variety of weight range means there is one for everybody. Extremely helpful in a lot of ways for a workout, having a dumbbell in your house is a must.


This multi-use weight is perfect for your in house work out as it does not take up space as much as a barbell but gives you the same potency in a deadlift. Apart from the lift, swinging a kettlebell allows for myriad strength and movement in limited space.


One of the newest additions to the work out sector, the slider lets you work out on a rough and slippery surface alike. Just put your feet on them, and now you will have a system of free movement for your exercises that require that. It functions just like the name suggests. And it is perfect for in house exercises.

Exercise Bench

Even small and minute things can play an equally as important role as other equipment. These detachable exercise benches have you covered for everything. You can use it as an incline for your push-ups, for your legs and your feet, whichever you need. You can use it for cardio and explosive exercises, to advance moves or make them easier, or simply as a trusty bench.

Yoga Mat

The smallest yet the most important objects in a home work out are the yoga mats. Even if you do not have any equipment, you can use these mats and work out on top of them, and they can be used just like the name, like mats. It might seem small, but it makes a whole lot of difference while working out.


Now this one is the most obvious one out there—the go-to tool for cardio inside the house. Having a treadmill inside your house will give you the freedom of going for a run without all the hassles of the outdoors.

And there you have it, a few pieces of equipment to keep your health and fitness top-notch in any situation. Wondering about a place to get these types of equipment, we have you covered for that too. At  www.lenoxtons20.com you can find the right equipment for you.

How to Order Groceries Online from Whole Foods or Amazon?

How to Order Groceries Online from Whole Foods or Amazon?

Amazon is one of the largest retailer company in the world, and it offers you numbers of collections such as music, books, electronics, groceries, furniture, garments, etc. Also, you can sell your own items via an online marketplace system of Amazon. Also, Amazon gives its streaming service, which is called Amazon Prime. Prime users can watch unlimited TV shows, movies, web series even you get free delivery with your every product. So, in this article, we will tell you how to buy or order groceries from Amazon or Whole Food? Here are the instructions are given below.

Add Grocery Products to the Amazon List

  1. Firstly, you have to launch the application of Whole Foods on your device.
  2. Then, select the List section on the lower side of the display.
  3. You should choose the ‘Add Item’ option on the upper side of the display.
  4. Input the name of the item and select the OK button.

Add Grocery Items via Alexa App

  1. You should launch the Alexa application.
  2. After that, select the hamburger icon at the upper left side of the screen.
  3. Go to the Lists and Notes option.
  4. You have to choose the Shopping option.
  5. Then reach the ‘Add Item’ option.
  6. Now, input the item name and then select the OK button.

Order Grocery Delivery from Whole Foods through Amazon Application

  1. Go to the application of Amazon shopping.
  2. Thereafter, select the Whole Foods beneath the search section.
  3. Optionally, select the Alexa Lists option and check items you added via Whole Foods or Alexa application that you should order via this application.
  4. Navigate to the ‘Shop Whole Foods Online’ or select the Close option.
  5. You should choose the Shop Aisles to purchase items by category or move via and locate products you want to buy.
  6. Pick the ‘Add to Cart’ option to add the products you want in the cart.
  7. You should select the button grocery cart in the upper right side of the screen.
  8. Then select the ‘Checkout Whole Foods Market Cart’ option.
  9. Now, select the Continue button.
  10. You have to choose a slot of delivery and then select the Continue option.
  11. Thereafter, choose the method of payment and then choose the Continue button.
  12. Finally, select the ‘Place your order’ option.

Order Grocery Delivery via Amazon Pantry

  1. Firstly, launch the application of Amazon shopping.
  2. Thereafter, select the hamburger menu at the upper left side of the screen.
  3. Then choose the ‘See All Programs’ option.
  4. You should pick the Amazon Pantry option.
  5. Then move down to the purchase by category.