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Best Headphones for Kids In 2020

Best Headphones for Kids In 2020

The high quality and standard headphones at affordable prices are more than just a fun design for children. Standard and good quality headphones also protect the ears of your young ones.

With schools and colleges starting up entirely in online formats, high quality and standard headphones are becoming a necessity of every student. Especially when your kids are spending long hours online, they must have the reliable, comfortable and sound quality headphones which can make their e-learning convenient. Standard headphones always come with special features to ensure that the ears of your kids remain safe no matter how long they spend online. Besides, these headphones ensure your young ones can listen and respond to the questions clearly when asked in online classes. Also, headphones should provide optimum entertainment while they enjoy their favorite music and shows on different formats.

While most of the kids are often curious and take an interest in new tech, you should consider their interest and get them the best headphones which can meet their expectations. The market is flooded with plenty of headphones for every budget. You should know about the features and other specifications of the headphones before making a final selection for your kid. To make your choice easy and convenient, here are some of the best and high-quality headphones available in the market:-

Riwbox WT-7S

The wireless headphone with in-built mic and special features are available in purple, blue, pink and pink/green. However, the headphone is a little bit expensive but is geared towards the needs of adults also. It has LED lights which are synced to the music giving a fun experience to your kids. With its Bluetooth 5.0 technology, your kid can enjoy e-learning to dance and practice their favorite music seamlessly. The in-built mic in the headphones provides excellent user experience while chatting on video conference and e-learning. Moreover, you can fold these headphones conveniently in a suitcase or backpack and carry them with yourself while traveling. The blend of impressive functionality and design with special fun features are making these headphones exceptional in real terms.

LilGadgets Connect+

These headphones with one-year guarantee are not only comfortable but also ideal when it comes to sharing. However, the headphones are fabulous for consumers with a tight budget; still, its manufacturers have not sacrificed style. These headphones are available in green, blue, pink and red with cute and stunning designs. The integration of SharePoint technology in these headphones have made them very impressive.  The feature plays a significant role when it comes to sharing to devices while traveling and on long car rides. Your kids can enable the port-to-port connection to enjoy the movies and their favorite shows together and that too with quiet surroundings.

The feature is especially beneficial when most of the parents are working from home, and their kids are with them, and so it gives excellent opportunity to mitigate noise in the background. The presence of an in-built microphone in the headphones is even better when it comes to serving the needs of reliable and convenient e-learning. The feature helps the classmates and teachers of your kids to hear them clearly and loudly.

iClever BTH03

The headphones come with a comfortable and impressive design, long-lasting battery and wireless technology. However, these headphones are quite expensive, but they have some outstanding technology that you may not find in other headphones. Also, these headphones are available in blue, black and pink colors. The integration of LED lights in multicolor  with switch on and off modes are making these headphones even more whimsical for your kids. With its Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can establish a connection even with 33 feet away. It allows your kids to dance and rock out to the song of their favorite artist and that too, without any fear to be too far away from the device.

Students can enjoy their online classes without getting worried that the wires will tangle up. The presence of the in-built microphone is making these headphones even perfect when it comes to giving your kids the ultimate user experience while participating in online classes. Its long-lasting battery can run for 25 hours continuously. With its adjustable and expandable headband and in-built earpads,  these headphones have been reviewed as the most comfortable one and generous fit for attending longer sessions online.

Vogek Kids Headphones

Designed perfectly to address the specific needs of your kids, these headphones are not only affordable but also have exceptional sound quality. It performs exceptionally well when it comes to e-learning and attending long online classes. However, these headphones are available in only blue or pink but offer stunning style and functionality at an affordable price. The integration of volume control technology in these headphones do not allow the volume to go beyond 85dB protecting the ears of your young ones from any damage from prolonged exposure to high volume and loud noise. Its sound quality is outstanding. Moreover, you can adjust these headphones according to the needs of your children. Its ear cushions are not only soft but comfortable also for long traveling or school hours.

Onikuma Gaming

These headphones are well suited for online gaming needs with its impressive sound quality and in-built mic. However, these headphones are available in only black, but they are ideal for both gaming and e-learning. These headphones offer the standard-setting and dedicated mic and sound quality that online game players need to enjoy the game. With its good mic quality, your kids can conveniently listen and respond to their peers and teachers. With its technology for noise cancellation, you can control the volume or mute the sound whenever you need it if you have kids playing and learning in the same room. Additionally, its soft and adjustable ear cushions are making it more exceptional.

Mpow CH65

These comfortable headphones are designed for providing high-quality listening and sharing features. The headphones with cute style are available in almost eight colors, i.e. green, blue, pink, black-blue, purple, PurpleWhite, and PinkWhite. While the current year has forced your kids to stay at home and attend online classes for several hours making the soft ears of your children prone to hearing damages, the in-built system to control decibel thresholds in the headphones have come to the rescue to your kids amazingly. The in-built system is effective in protecting the ears of your young one no matter how long they are spending in watching videos on YouTube or e-learning or listening to music. Besides, the headphones have sharing capabilities also making it easy for your kids to enjoy shows and movies together.

PeohZarr On-Ear Headphones

The availability of these headphones in many fun colors, long cord and an in-built mic has made them much more prevalent among kids and perfect for your young ones. You can choose from six different colors for your kids from green, blue, red, pink, mint and teal. With these bright and nice colors, you can easily spot your child anywhere, such as in an airport. The 1.5-meter long cord included in the headphone can provide enough range so the kids can move freely a little while enjoying music. The integration of in-line mic and volume control system allows the users to enjoy listening to their favorite shows, video calls, and e-learning more clearly while adjusting the volume according to needs.

Elecder i41 Kids Headphones

The headphones come in an extensive range of style options and exceptional sound quality. The users can choose from a wide range of colors, including black, green, blue, red, green, yellow, white and teal. With its heavy bass, your kids can enjoy listening to music along with experiencing a high-quality sound. Besides, the headphones come with a one year warranty and have 40mm drivers. The manufacturers of these headphones provide exceptional customer service; you can get your headphones replaced at one if found any issue.

Noot Kids Headphones

The headphones are most popular among the kids due to their kid-friendly design, audio quality and durability allowing your kids to use it the optimum. You can choose from various colors like Mint, black, Skyline Blue, Navy/Teal and Soft Pink. With its 3.5mm jack, you can plug these headphones into a tablet, smartphone, or in any device. Its soft ear cushions are significant in providing a long and comfortable listening experience to your kids.

GBD Unicorn Cat Ears Kids Headphones

The GBD headphones are not only portable but also come with standard sound quality and whimsical design. However, these headphones don't come with the noise-cancelling system, and in-built headphones still offer great design. They come with lights with switch on and off modes and control volume system that can control loud noise going beyond 85dB. Also, the headphones provide soft, long-lasting and comfortable ear cushions and a headband that can be adjusted according to the needs of your child.

Headphones are becoming an essential need of your child's daily life. While a lot of good options are available in the market, you will need to choose the one that can fulfil your child's needs.

Common Features to Look For in Headphones

The pair of headphones that you are choosing for your child should be comfortable. Most specifically, if your kids are going to use it for long hours, these headphones should have adjustable headband so your kid can wear it correctly. Soft and comfortable ear cups make your kids convenient while listening to music or attending online classes. The integration of long-lasting batteries, wireless compatibility and in-built microphones are some other features that are widely required these days and play a significant role in making the headphone widely popular among the kids. Besides these technical aspects, you should search for the headphones that are available in a variety of colors.

The Best Headphones for Running in 2020

The Best Headphones for Running in 2020

The day might seem incomplete without workout, and workout is incomplete without music. For those who don't like to hit the gym, they compensate for their workout by running. There is no doubt that running is one of the most exhilarating forms of exercise and works as the best exercise mode for the full body. There is a scientific explanation behind the benefits of listening to music while running. Music can inhibit the brain's pain signals to the body and lower down the feeling of exhaustion. This allows you to stretch your running time. In fact, with time, you can run for hours without feeling tired soon.

Not only it helps you in increasing your pace with time, but it has certain other benefits too. Running on an open road while listening to the music give some time to you to unwind your thoughts. With the best playlist, you can even feel motivated and run happily for hours. It completely takes your mind off any worries or troubles. If you are just a recreational runner, music is a great way to boost your performance to increase your endurance. Plus, you might not get a chance to listen to music the whole day. Your busy schedule won't allow you to listen to your favorite podcasts regularly, so why not utilize the running time and enjoy a nice playlist from soothing songs of Elton John to hardcore Metallica.

While running, there are chances that your earbuds might slip off the ears. So it would be best if you choose some top-notch quality earbuds that assure durability too, especially something that doesn't block the sound of the surroundings. You must be aware of the things going on around you. A perfect earbud is the one that is neither too loose to refrain you from enjoying the music nor too tight to prevent you from hearing the honking of vehicles. 

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3150

BackBeat Fit 3150 has funnel-shaped ear tips that give out the perfect amount of bass, unlike other unsealed earbuds that do not produce the bass. Even with the bass's sound, you can still hear the sound of your surroundings and ensure your safety. You can also wear caps or sunglasses to beat the heat as their flexible hooks fit comfortably on your ears, even with caps or sunglasses. With their sweat and dust resistance feature, you can run for longer periods without worrying about their safety. A single charge to the earbuds will give you eight hours, approximately four days of running. If you charge the earbuds' case, it will provide you with an additional 16 hours of battery life. The size of the earbuds' case is too big to carry in your running shorts, so you might have to carry a running belt along with you. The controls of BackBeat Fit 3150 are easy to use and customizable. So set your playlist and get going.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 2100

If you are concerned with your earbuds' safety that it might fall off while running, it would be better if you buy the earbuds that have a flexible band around it. BackBeat 2100 comes at quite a lower price than the BackBeat 3150 and has earbuds connected by a lightweight band. The band makes the earbuds easy to use and sounds exceptionally good. As compare to other unsealed earbuds, BackBeat Fit 2100 has more bass. The band's size is perfect that it can easily fit any head size and doesn't even bounce while running. You don't need to buy a separate charger for these earbuds, nor does this come with any charging case. You can charge with any charging cable of your phone. A single charge provides it with more than seven hours of battery life. Their reflective finish makes them visible even in the dark. Their design is such that not only can you enjoy the music but hear the sound of the surroundings for safety. 

Apple AirPods Pro

If you have saved enough money and would like to buy an Apple product, then Apple AirPods Pro will give you exceptional sound quality. AirPods Pro has dynamic features such as noise cancellation mode, which you can turn off anytime to hear the sound of the surroundings and ensure your safety in a crowded area. The transparency mode lets you connect with your surroundings and make you careful of the ambient sounds. It comes with three different sizes of soft silicone tips so you can fit it easily. You can run for hours without worrying about its safety as it comes with sweat and water resistance features. The adaptive Equalization tunes the music automatically according to the size of your ear. AirPods Pro is compatible with all the Apple devices giving you more options for the playlist. You can also use the voice command to start your playlist and get quick access to the device. A single charge to the wireless case lasts for up to more than 24 hours. So set your playlist and start your mornings with some motivation.

Bose SoundSport

The active Equalization of Bose imparts a top-notch audio quality and balanced music at any volume. This wireless device connects via Bluetooth pairing, and the voice prompts make it easier for you to navigate through it the first time. You can run for hours without worrying about its safety as it stays comfortably in the grip. Two hours of charging time give it up to six hours of battery life. Bose SoundSport comes with acoustic ports that resist the sweat and dust, and the hydrophobic cloth around the earbuds prevents the moisture from going inside. If you face specific issues while connecting the earbuds, try to unpair it from your device. Pair them again or refresh the connection to troubleshoot the connecting error. Bose’s wireless earphones give you a liberating feel while running. The immersive sound quality takes you away from daily life worries. You don’t have to sweat out in crowded gyms. With these exceptional earphones, the run is fun now.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

This stunning wireless earbuds is not just about looks but gives a phenomenal performance, too, with its top-notch audio quality. Jabra Active 65t is your perfect running companion. Their secure fit earbuds are highly dependable and allows you to run for hours. These earbuds are equally compatible with Apple and Android. Download the Jabra Sound+ app and customize your music according to your taste. One exciting feature of this earphone is that you can receive calls without turning off the music. It comes with a beautiful and efficient charging case that lasts for up to 15 hours, and the earbuds last for 5 hours. Now you don’t have to worry about charging it daily. A single charge of the case can last for up to 4-5 days if running is the only time you listen to it. With this reliable earphone pair, you can run for hours without entangling in messy wires.

Jaybird Vista

If robustness and durability are your topmost priority while buying the wireless earphones, then Jaybird Vista will be perfect for you. These strong earbuds are sweat and dustproof and can withstand any running condition. It has versatile charging capacity, such as six hours of charge of the earbuds, ten hours of charge of the charging case, and 32 hours of charge if you are using only one bud at a time. In case you forget to charge and are in a hurry to go for the run, quickly charge it for 5 minutes and enjoy an hour-long playtime. Vista’s high-end wireless Bluetooth technology provides you with high-quality stereo-like sound with zero-lag. It allows a seamless connection and pairs easily for you to enjoy your favorite playlist without hassling with the connection. Download the Jaybird app to keep track of your earphones and ensure their safety. These are the lightest headphones and give you a comfortable feel even if you wear them for hours.  

Zagg iFrogz InTone Wireless

If you are not planning to invest much on the wireless earphones, then Zagg InTone Wireless earphones will be suitable for you. They will fit perfectly in your ears, just like any other expensive earphones. Their low price doesn’t compromise with any safety feature as they are water and dust resistant. You can clip the Bluetooth transmitter with your t-shirt or top to prevent its fall while running. It comes with a magnetic clasp so the earbuds can attach with each other when not in use. The light and flexible band of the earphones can accommodate any head size comfortably and don’t create annoyance by bouncing too much while running. These are so light in weight that you won’t feel them in your ears even after running for hours. With a battery life of up to five hours, you can extend your running time by listening to immersive music. So create your playlist and get ready to enjoy your running session. 

How to choose the Required Earphones?

All the wireless earphones look fine from the outside, but there are some internal factors that one must keep in mind before buying a pair of wireless earphones. After all, you would not want to ruin your running time by compromising the quality.

Unsealed design- Many of you must think that unsealed design hinders the listening experience. Still, it is of utmost importance for your safety to be aware of the surrounding sound while running in isolated and crowded places.

Moisture resistance- It is essential to buy the earphones that can withstand extreme weather conditions as sweating is natural while running. 

Comfort grip- Nothing is more annoying than a headphone that falls out, snags or chafe while running. It hampers your pace and creates a disturbance.

Maneuverability- You would not want to spend your running time constantly adjusting volume and changing the soundtrack. Earbuds of the best quality have intuitive controls, so your mind is more towards running and enjoying music.

Reliability- Reliability comes with a brand name. A credible brand or company ensures the efficiency of the earphones. So it would help if you tried to buy the earphones of some reliable brand.

Sound quality- While the unsealed design is vital for the headphones' safety, it makes bass notes quite inaudible. The makers try to compensate that by equalizing the unsealed headphones. 

Extra Accessory- No matter how much stronger is your Bluetooth device, it can't withstand a significant amount of water, so it would be better to wear an armband to carry the Bluetooth transmitter while running. There will be less interference with the signals. This is quite an inexpensive investment but protects your device from any kind of damage.

Tips to Take Care of your Earphones

Let us agree to the fact that earphones are an integral part of our life. It saves us from boredom at many points in the day. Also, we invest a great deal in them if some top-notch brand is involved. They make sure that our running session is motivating and energetic. Again listening to music stretches your time of running. To ensure their durability, it is important to take care of them. 

Cleanliness- The first step of maintenance of the earphones starts with cleanliness. You can buy a solution to clean them occasionally or use a dry cloth to clean them. Wipe them with the dry cloth lightly across the body and earphones once a week. This will ensure their brand new look for a longer time and prevent dust from settling in them. 

Storage- One of the important ways to ensure our earphones' safety is to keep them in proper storage. You must get the earphones with a storage case or buy a separate storage unit for them. So there would always be a protective shield around your earphones. Also, the storage case protects the earphones from dust and other particles and increases their lifespan. Storage cases act as a barrier that prevents your fragile earphones from bending or squashing.

Keep moisture away- Many earphones can withstand a certain amount of water, but it would be best to keep the earphones away from moisture or sweat. One of the best ways to choose the moisture-proof earphone is to check the IP rating, the higher the rating, the higher the water resistance. In case your earphones catch a little bit of moisture, dry them off immediately. You can either dry them with a towel or sun-dry them but never use a dryer.