Best Trail Cameras In 2020

Best Trail Cameras In 2020

The trail cameras are the best for nature watchers and wildlife photographers when it comes to trapping the beauty of nature and wildlife. Wildlife and nature attract everyone. Most of us love to see the various activities that different animals and birds do in the woods and wildlife sanctuaries. Also, many people take an interest in capturing the movements of birds and animals with their cameras. But, it is not so easy as birds get easily frightened and spooked when you spot them or when they hear the human lurking anywhere near their habitat. In such circumstances, trail cameras play an important role in making your job easier.

Trail cameras can be defined as the remote image capture device that activates the movement of a subject or even the heat of someone's body. You can set your train camera and capture the scene that you want without having your physical appearance on the location. Moreover, these trail cameras can also serve as the best home security cameras for your tremendous and exciting outdoors. They can capture the images day or night without getting exhausted or cold. These cameras have a rugged and sturdy build up that prevent any damage or moisture to make the cameras slip from their resting place.

Whenever you choose any trail camera to capture wildlife and nature, take care of their pixel count. Also, do a little research about the lens that trail camera offers you at the time of purchase. Besides, the trail camera's speed is very much essential and critical when it comes to photographing wildlife. The presence of sufficient power and memory is necessary to get your job done. It should be easy to set the trail camera you are using and retrieve images from it. Plus, you can also find some trail cameras offering wavelength with an infrared flashlight that the subject can't pick up.

Here is the brief description of some of the best trail cameras which will allow you to view and capture wildlife without spending hours in the woods:-

Wildgame Innovations Mirage 18

The super-efficient camera has many settings like trigger and exposure that you can customize to get the desired pictures. The camera can even detect the moving objects up to 40 feet away. It offers the highest resolution than any other trail camera model to produce clear and crisp videos and photos. Its significant features include 18 megapixels still photo resolution and video resolution of 720 p high-definition. It has the trigger speed of about half a seconds, which provides a better chance to capture an animal before it scampers off.

Wildgame Innovations Wraith 16

The trail camera has the same intuitive features as you have seen in Wildgame Innovations Mirage 18. You can choose and customize the features like still or video, delay, and exposure according to your convenience. However, the trail camera will not allow its users to choose a broad angle perspective and when it will remain active like day or night or 24 hours. It offers the same high resolution of 720p; however, the camera's detection distance is only 20 feet.

Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme 14

However, the camera allows its users to minimal customization and only the time and date. Also, you can only select between video or still. Still, the camera is becoming hugely popular among the users due to offering a high resolution of 720p and 14 megapixels for still photos. These features provide very high capacities like that present in Mirage 18 regarding distance and detecting the subject's movement to 40 feet away. Also, its trigger speed is very much impressive. The trail camera comes with bungee cords, which you can affix to the trunks of small trees and tree branches along with fences very easily.

Bushnell Core DS No Glow

The trail camera features two image sensors. You can optimize one for using at night with a detecting distance of 80ft, giving you high contrast clarity.  The camera offers exceptional features for great outdoors. It can survive even in the heat and cold. The dual sensors with its No-glow quality due to the LED lights' presence are making it ideal for both security purposes and wildlife. Also, it features high-resolution video capture at up to 60 fps and that too with audio. Plus, it has the color camera offering a 30-megapixel resolution for photos and a triggered response time of 0.2 seconds.

Bushnell Trophy Camera Essentials E3

The trail camera is for those on a budget looking and willing to capture high-resolution videos of wildlife or stills. It is reasonably featured as you can grab three still images with the triggered response time ranging between one second to sixty minutes. In capturing HD quality videos, the activated response time will vary between five seconds to one minute. It is not powered by solar power or lithium batteries. Instead, manufacturers have used eight regular batteries of AAs. The other significant feature that the trail camera offers includes its sensors, which are motion activated and can capture subjects 100 feet away. Apart from these, you can set it to operate for the day, night, and 24 hours. It offers a resolution of 16 megapixels and has infrared flash.

Spypoint Solar Dark

The solar-powered trail camera comes with an ultra-fast triggered time response of 0.007 seconds. Plus, it has the low glow LEDs of about 42. The camera offers 12 megapixels resolution with a flash range of 90 ft. However, it has an internal battery, but you can power your trail camera by six AA batteries. It can detect the subjects up to 110ft away along with movie time-lapse. Some of its other features include in-built blur reduction and a high resolution of 720p with audio. Apart from these, it has a screen of 2 inches, highlighting the attendant features.

Spypoint Link-S Trail Camera

You can put the trail camera with cellular ability somewhere very remote and even then get the notifications to your laptop, camera phone, or tablet as the camera will beam footage to you. Its significant features include a high resolution of 12 megapixels for stills and 1080x 720p for video resolution and the triggered response time between 0 to 90 seconds. Besides, the camera comes with a pre-activated  SIM card allowing you to enjoy remote wildlife watching. It provides data storage up to 32 GB through SD or SDHC menu. The trail camera records videos along with capturing photos and videos. It is powered by solar, 8x AA batteries, and rechargeable lithium-ion.

Bushnell Trophy Cam Aggressor 24MP Low-Glow

The trail camera has a super trigger speed of 0.2 seconds and a recovery speed of 0.5 seconds and audio. It also provides a detection distance of a 100-foot range, which can be easily covered by its 32 LED flash. You can customize its high resolution for capturing photos and videos up to 24 megapixels. Plus, it features a color LCD of about 2.4 inches instead of a black and white LCD. Apart from providing a standard 1280x720 pixels high resolution for high definition videos, the trail camera offers the data storage about 32 GB through SD or SDHC card. It has the control panel with a five-way button that remains illuminated for operation even in the dim.

Stealth Cam DS4K

The trail camera claiming itself as the first 4K trail camera in the world is the best if you are looking for ultimate quality in your images and videography. The trail camera features entirely alien hardware introduced by Star Trek. It is offering a high resolution of 3840x2160 pixels for capturing videos in daylight. Also, the camera manufacturers are boasting a super-fast trigger response time of 0.4 seconds along with a whopping resolution of 30 megapixels for still images and an infrared flash range, which is about 100 feet. With its burst mode, you can capture one to nine images at a time. Another feature, hybrid capture mode, can record both video and stills in the vast image ratio of 16:9 when you trigger the camera. The only downside of this trail camera is that it needs 12 AA batteries when it comes to power.

Stealth Cam G42NG

The trail camera is a very affordable option for entry-level. It offers a 10-megapixel resolution for still images. Also, you can choose 4 megapixels, 8 megapixels, or even for 2 megapixels shots. Additionally, it provides high definition quality videos ranging between the audio of five and 180 seconds. It gives 0.5 seconds of good triggered response time. Plus, there is the presence of a backlit LCD, allowing you to make selections from the camera's menu. Also, the camera gives a high-resolution image ration in 16:9. The trail camera offers no infrared glow flash, which can illuminate subjects up to 100ft away. 

Who are the Users?

Usually, field researchers, hunters, or recreational wildlife watchers purchase the trail cameras. However, recreational wildlife watchers can best enjoy the features of the above-mentioned trail cameras. But, if you are a scientist, park ranger, or hunter who wants to capture photos and videos and not so much interested in pricey features like 4K, then some of the trail cameras mentioned above are worthy of using and best suited to your needs.

The Best Air Fryers in 2020

The Best Air Fryers in 2020

With fast food outlets at every corner of the metropolis, it is tough to stay fit and healthy. When people try to lose weight, exercise contributes only 20%, but a healthy diet has 80% input. That’s why no matter how much you are sweating at the gym, without a healthy lifestyle, the dream of a toned body will stay a dream only. We all have a cheat day in a week. Sometimes an impromptu birthday party might extend our cheat day, or if it is the time of festivals, we can’t resist all the sweets and savories. Especially for gourmet people, dieting is a herculean task for them. It is like a dream to eat all your favorite snacks while working out.

Air Fryer is like a boon for people who want to shed some weight but can’t resist their favorite fast food. Even people who are at a tender age can completely trust the Air fryers for occasional treats. Air fryers are nothing but a convection oven. Unlike using a large amount of oil while deep frying in a wok or frying pan, Air fryers consumes just a tablespoon of oil. The hot air circulates inside the fryer around the food and gives the same texture and crispy exterior. Where many of the recipes require up to 3-4 cups of oil, the Air fryer consumes only one tablespoon of oil, thus reducing the fat content of the food. Your taste buds might long for deep-fried food, but your health is certainly prone to risk with that food. 

Below are the fryers with almost all the features that you could expect from it and will give you delectable food to take care of your health.

Philips Avance Collection Airfryer

If the home-cooked delicious food does not let you lose some weight, then the Philips Avance Air fryer must be one of your essential kitchen appliances. Turbostar Technology makes it most suitable for cooking or frying healthily. Without preheating the fryer, you can start cooking immediately. This fryer has a lot more to offer apart from frying, such as grilling, roasting, and baking, so you never run out of option for your taste buds. It is an advanced Air fryer that comes with many functions such as keep warm function to keep the food warm for up to 30 minutes so even if you come late for the lunch or dinner, you won’t have to microwave it again. It is undoubtedly one of the healthiest options as it reduces up to 75% of the fat. With over 200 recipes on the Air fryer recipe app, you can make new dishes every time. Cooking creates a mess, but here you can easily remove the nonstick drawer or food basket and clean in the dishwasher. So give your family a healthy and tasty life with this Air fryer.

Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer

If your family loves eating new delicacies now and then and it isn't easy to keep a tab on their health, you can bring Instant Omni Plus Air fryer to continue your tasteful life.vPlease do not get confused with its size. This extra-large oven will let you cook around 12-inches of pizza in one go. You can even bake a cake or roast a whole chicken inside it. Apart from frying, you can grill, roast, broil, reheat, toast, or bake the items in this 11-in-1 versatile Air fryer. It is highly easy-to-use and comes with function buttons that let you customize programs that give you the freedom to cook your food any way you want. This multi-function fryer is a one-stop solution for your family. From frying French fries to oil-free snacks, you can turn any fast food into healthy food. The accessories that come along with it will be a pleasant surprise for you like oven rack, pan, basket, spits, forks, and lift, making it a complete package for your kitchen.

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer

If Air fryer is one of the appliances in your kitchen that comes almost daily into use, then Cuisinart convection toaster and oven Air fryer will be perfect for you. With this multi-function appliance, you can bake, air fry, roast, or broil the food items. This is a high capacity Air fryer that can air fry 3lbs of chicken, a 12-inch pizza, or roast 3-pound chicken in one go. It comes with an automatic thermostat with 60 minutes of the timer and shuts off automatically after the set timer. Set this toaster oven on your kitchen slab's countertop and cook several healthy and tasty items. Relish on those crunchy and delicious fries, potatoes, chicken wings, or pizza without adding any calories in your body. The whole package contains an oven rack, basket, baking pan, etc. So be it any occasion, from a birthday party to festivals, your family can enjoy a healthy and tasty treat anytime.

CuisinartAFR-25 Compact Air Fryer

If you live alone in your small apartment and miss home-cooked food, CuisinartAFR Airfryer will be perfect for your compact kitchen. Its powerful motor fan and heater disperse an even airflow and high heat for delivering crispy and crunchy fried snacks. You can easily fit it into any space with its compact design from kitchen slab to top-shelf. But do not go on its small size as it has a large capacity to air fry up to 2.5 lb of food. You can adjust the timer up to 60 minutes, which is enough for any amount of food. Also, you can monitor the progress of food from its transparent window. The nonstick interior does not let your cheesy food get stuck on the tray. You can count on the durability of the product owing to its stainless steel exterior that goes beautifully with your kitchen décor. You can wipe it once in a while with a moist cloth, and it will stay as new as forever for a long time.

Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360

Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer is one such Air fryer that will fulfill your every cooking requirement. It has 12 pre-set cooking functions that let you choose the options according to the food you would like to cook. You will be amazed to see how efficiently it works for up to 10 hours during slow cooking. You can easily roast chicken, vegetables, dehydrate fruits, bake a cake, or pizza in this multi-function Air fryer. There won’t be any uncooked or soggy part left with its 360-degree quick-cook technology. The five heating elements make sure that your food is as crispy and crunchy as a deep-fried food. It comes with an LCD and 12 cooking functions such as air fry, bake, toast, reheat, dehydrate, slow cook, broil, etc. Reduce up to 70% of calories with this Air fryer, which seemed impossible until now with traditional cooking. You can completely trust the Emeril Lagasse Air fryer for the complete health and well-being of your family.

Nuwave Bravo XL Smart AirFryer Convection Oven

It is literally a smart Air fryer with a digital temperature probe that measures your food's internal temperature. The Digital temperature probe neither over-cook nor under-cooks the food. Once your poultry or seafood reaches the optimum temperature, it shuts down automatically. With Bravo XL smart Air fryer, you can cook food for any mood. Bravo XL combines radiant, convection, and conduction heat that swirls around and infiltrate the food by providing heat between 100-degree F and 45-degree F. The Triac digital switch reduces temperature fluctuations by maintaining a steady temperature, thus avoiding over-loading or short-circuit. With its 12 preset cooking functions, you can air fry, cake, toast, grill, broil and reheat and make pizza, waffles, bagels, sandwiches with just a single button. It doesn't require you to be an expert in cooking to operate the Air fryer as its time-control, adjustable heating elements, fan speed, and over 40 easy recipes will make you a pro. So invite your friends to give a lavish treat by making all their favorite snacks.

Hamilton Beach 31323 Sure-Crisp Air Fry Toaster Oven

Are you trying to get back in your old lean shape but don't have time to cook healthy food separately for you? Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Toaster Oven will not only give you tasty food but reduces the calories for up to 70%. Make crispy food in little oil with its powerful air circulation that cooks the food evenly from every direction. It has a capacity to bake 12-inch of pizza or six slices of toast in one go. It comes with an air frying basket, bakes pan, and broil rack to add more surprises. You can watch your food getting cooked from its glass door. If you have the habit to overcook the food, then this advance Air fryer will let you cook at optimum temperature with its "stay on" setting, thirty minutes timer, automatic shut-down, and timer bell. The stainless steel built of the Air fryer makes it robust and durable. So gorge any time over the delicacies and try new recipes with this Sure-Crisp Air fryer.

Oster Dura Ceramic Air Fryer

One of the most challenging tasks in the world is to resist the delectable food. With hundreds of new mouthwatering recipes surfacing every day, it becomes challenging to follow a bland diet. Oster Dura Ceramic Air Fryer takes care of both your taste buds and health. A tablespoon of oil will get you the food with perfect crisp, taste, and texture. Besides providing us with healthy food, its titanium infused coating cooks 30% faster than the traditional appliance. It is also more reasonable than any other cooking utensil as its durability surpasses any other nonstick appliance. The food is cooked evenly from both above and below as it is exposed to fan-assisted convection and radiated heating elements that circulate heat uniformly. Set the temperature and timer and sit back as it shuts down automatically when the food is cooked. Even if some unexpected guests arrive, its 3-liter capacity lets you cook more. It comes with a measuring spoon, roasting rack, cool-touch handle, and a recipe book to try something new on every occasion.

T-Fal FZ700251 Actifry Oil-Less Air Fryer

Are you also someone who enjoys the food only on a master chef? If you are not one of those lucky ones who can eat and eat but doesn’t bloat an inch, it is not the time to change your diet but your kitchen appliance. T-Fal Actifry oil-less Air fryer is one such Air fryer that requires only a tablespoon of oil to cook any of your favorite fried dishes. You can cook up to 2.2 pounds of food in one go. The fryer is highly easy to operate with a simple on/off button, a countdown timer, and a buzzer. The ceramic coating of the nonstick pan makes it easy for you to clean it up. If you are cooking fish or any seafood, use its secure lid for safe and splatter-free cooking. The exterior remains cool, preventing any accidental burns. It comes with a filter to prevent the escape of odor if you are cooking some exotic dish. So try different recipes with its colorful recipe book and surprise your family with new dishes.

GoWise USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer

It is one of the most advanced Air fryer versions with 7-in-1 functions and lets you relish your favorite fried food without adding any calories. It has a touch screen facility that lets you set the cooking time. With a little oil, you can cook a variety of food from crispy to juicy with perfect texture and color, just like a restaurant but in a more healthy way. Once the food is done, the automatic timer switches the fryer into standby mode. It comes with a detachable basket that makes it convenient for you to serve the food in plates. When you remove the basket or timer is done, the Air fryer turns off automatically. The rapid air circulation features make each bite crispy from outside and juicy from inside by dispersing hot air in every direction and ensuring even cooking. Cooking creates a mess but cleaning non-stick pan and basket is relatively easy and quick.

Precautionary Measures

All the above Air fryers are the best of qualities. They not only provide you with savory and flavorful dishes but cooks healthily too, thus giving you wholesome goodness. As efficient and safe are these Air fryers, you must still take precautionary measures to avoid accidental burnings or any other mishap while using any Air fryer.

Some of the Do’s and Don’t’ are:

  • Do give a thorough reading of the instruction manual or user’s guide.
  • Don’t touch the fryer when it is working as it gets super hot while cooking.
  • Don’t leave the fryer plugged-in when you are not using it.
  • Don’t keep the electrical outlet and Air fryer close to each other.
  • Don’t use the fryer in a non-ventilated area
  • Don’t use chemical-based non-stick sprays that might harm the coating.
  • Do use bread crumbs to soak extra we batters
  • Don’t over-fill the basket of the Air fryer.
  • Don’t sprinkle the salt on the food while it is still in the fryer.
  • Do use oven mitts while taking out the food.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Air Fryers

As incredibly convenient these Air fryers are, they won’t last for long time if you do not provide them with the proper maintenance and cleaning. Conventional way of cooking the fried food is not just unhealthy but messy too. A number of utensils would end with greasy coatings, splatter or stubborn oil stains. Air fryers have not just made our body healthy but our life convenient too. Still it requires little effort from your side to keep it clean and then only it will be more durable.

Steps to Clean the Air fryer

  • Let the Air fryer cool down for a while after unplugging it from the socket.
  • Use a moist cloth to wipe the exterior.
  • You can either use hands or dishwasher to clean all the removable items such as pan, basket or tray of the Air fryer.
  • Use the cloth or sponge soaked in hot water to clean the interior of the Air fryer.
  • Brush off the food from the heating element.
  • Completely dry off the tray, basket and pan before keeping them back into the fryer.

Maintenance of Air Fryers

  • Check out the plug before using it every time. A damaged or unclean plug can cause a severe injury.
  • If you are using the fryer after a long time, make sure that it is dust-free before cooking.
  • Clean the basket or pan before cooking. There should not be any food residue left them in the Air fryer.
  • It is highly essential to keep the Air fryer on a smooth and level surface. Its position should always be upright.
  • Never keep the Air fryer too close to the wall or any other electrical appliances. 
  • Maintain at least 4-inches of space above and behind them so that hot air and steam get space to vent out properly.
  • Never use the damaged components such as a basket or pan for cooking. 

Air fryers are relatively easy to maintain, clean, and use. With a little care and little precision, you can continue using them for longer than expected time. They are one of the most hassle-free ways of cooking that have turned junk food into healthy food. So no more avoiding your favorite snacks. Give your family a healthy lifestyle without compromising with the taste.

The 10 Best Scanners For Office and Home

The 10 Best Scanners For Office and Home

There are so many various options available these days for scanning any hard copies. We often need a photocopy of documents for different purposes in our daily life. When we go through any legal or official tasks , we go through a lengthy documentation process. To get photocopies of documents, we go to a public library, and the attendant copies the documents with the help of a scanner or a printer. You will get many scanning mobile apps in the app store, which let you effortlessly scan a physical paper. But, mobile apps are not a convenient way to scan a large volume of documents. For this, you will have to buy a scanning machine.

Scanning vs. Copying

Scanning and Copying are the two different things, but in all cases, you get a copy of the document. When you copy a physical document, you get an exact image on a sheet of physical paper. While scanning a document, you get a high quality digital or soft copy that can be sent digitally to anyone or stored in a computer. You can also get a print out of the scan docs, which will be more transparent and visible from a copied one. The technical definition can be "A scanner or an optical scanner is an electronic computer peripheral, used to produce an exact digital replica of a text written documents, photo or even an object."

Types of Scanner

When one finds yourself in need of a scanner, it cannot be easy to choose the right one from this vast world of scanners. This is the only way to digitize your documents or photos. Before starting your shopping for a specific model, you should learn about the different scanners that best suit your purposes and save your time from hours of research. Most importantly, you don't have to buy a random scanner just with the name scanning. You need to know your actual need, which type of scanning you will perform with your scanner.

Scanners are of many shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular choices are here. The first one is a Flatbed scanner that can sit on your desk with a flip-up top. These scanners are great for scanning books, news articles, and even DVD cases who want to digitize a movie library. The second one is Sheet-fed scanners, which are built to scan large volumes of documents. The third one is the Photo scanner, which lets you digitize large quantities of photographs and negatives. It can be more expensive from other scanners. The fourth one is Portable scanners which allow you to scan anything, anywhere at any time. The fifth one is Specialty scanners, which are used for particular purposes, like scanning a business card and a receipt.

Top 10 Scanners to Choose From

Are you confused about which scanner to get for your home and office? Don’t fret, and go through the list of the 10 best scanners available right now. Read the comprehensive buying guide if you want to buy the right scanner in your budget.

Canon CanoScan LIDE 400

  • Flatbed scanner
  • Starting price $90
  • Contact image sensor
  • Three-color LED
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • One cable of data and power
  • Energy star certified
  • Color depth:48 bit
  • Vertical stand


If you are budget-conscious and don't want to spend several hundred dollars, go for this Canon scanner. It offers you an auto-scan feature with 4800x4800 dpi resolution, dust removal, color restore, and built-in PDF buttons. The CanoScan allows you to store the scan copies on cloud storage such as Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. In terms of speed, this scanner is faster than earlier canon scanners but still not the speediest for the people who want to scan multiple pages. However, it offers automated features that make scanning jobs more convenient, such as identification options to detect the type of digitized documents and quick scan button to make larger PDF projects. It is the company's entry-level software rich flatbed photo scanner that handles text documents with ease. Overall, a quite versatile scanner for those who want to use at home and office desk or in a private study room.

Brother ADS-2800W Best Heavy Duty Scanner

  • Wireless document scanner
  • Price $498
  • Single and double-sided scanning
  • Advanced security features
  • Image optimization feature
  • PDF editing and OCR
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Brother solution interface integration
  • Up to 6000 scans per day


This Brother model is best for any assignment and demanding scanning tasks in a busy office. Ther Brother ImageCenter comes with settings for various documents, including plastic cards, multiple options for storing scanned pages on separate file locations, and scanning directly to places like Google Drive. It is speedy and durable and handles up to 40 single or double-sided pages every minute in continuous scanning mode. This scanner comes with a 3.7-inch touchscreen display that allows direct scanning to Evernote, Box, Gigabit Ethernet, and Wi-Fi networking. You will get a wealth of options on the touchscreen control panel, including a lot of essential image functions such as automatically cleaning up and de-speckling pages and removing more substantial flaws if required. It is backpacked with a full set of driver options for more sophisticated business scanning steps and enterprise-level security protection. You can make it your professional scanner as it will keep going for years. The last thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't handle large documents and maps.


Visioneer RoadWarrior 4D Mobile Scanner

  • Price $110
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • USB powered
  • Duplex printing
  • Lightweight, portable scanner
  • Visioneer One Touch Technology


This Visioneer scanner is one of the best portable scanners, weighing just only 1.1 pounds. This scanner has the same capabilities as an expensive office scanner, including scanning both sides of the page at one time, allowing to share scans and a continuous feed mode for fast performance. You have to sacrifice something for portability. It scans a page at 300 dpi around 8 seconds. This small scanner also offers a manual feed, top-tier applications for document management, OCR and handling PDF files. You should have a USB portable device to use this. It will help your organizations to bring disparate information and disconnected mobile workers together. You can make it the best solution to scan receipts and other home items with a device that is excellent for casual use and can be moved around easily if needed.

Epson PerfectionV800 Photo Scanner

  • Price $739
  • Dual lens system
  • Quickstart
  • Dynamic range
  • Flatbed type
  • LED light source
  • Compatible with USB 2.0
  • Digital ICE
  • Zero warm uptime
  • Energy star certified
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows


Although the Epson Perfection is a flatbed scanner that scans photographic prints. It works best as a film scanner. This printer handles both positive and negative films, including slides in sizes between 35mm to as large as eight by 10 inches. It is built to keep in mind serious photographers who look for high-quality scans. This V800 is the next-generation version of V700. It allows you to scan up to 6400 dpi scanning resolution to capture every detail and some excellent color replication. You get an option to choose from two different lenses with high-resolution lens quality. No warm-up time is required and also waiting times to boot up. If someone wants to upgrade the look of black and white photos, you may have to purchase a proprietary fluid mount tray separately. This model offers several additional features like a software to adjust the results, smart dust and scratch removal to eliminate defects from physical photos. Here, you will not get a feeder option. 

Canon CanoScan LiDE 300

  • Fast scanning
  • Flatbed scanner
  • 3-color LED
  • Auto document and photo fix
  • 4 EZ operations buttons
  • Auto-scan
  • Scan to cloud
  • 10-second scanning speed
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • 300dpi color scan


The Canon CanoScan is an exclusive photograph and document scanner, and the flatbed CanoScan LiDE sibling is best to buy. It comes in small and light design. It works with a single USB 2.0 cable for both power and communication purposes. The control panel has four different ways to process a scan. This scanner makes it hard to reach pages scan easy as it allows you to extend its hinges to accommodate thicker media. The scan gear lets you differentiate each object and enables you to edit and save them as an individual item. The scan gear includes significant productivity and creativity apps like Adobe Photoshop. It comes with a built-in PDF button, which lets you make PDFs of scan files.

Epson FastFoto FF-680W 

  • Sheetfed scanner
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Contact image sensor
  • Wireless and USB connectivity
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows


If you deal with photo archiving or work in a creative field, then the Epson FastFoto is an excellent option. This Epson scanner allows you to scan both 8x10 inch and 4x6 inch photos as well as Polaroids, postcards, and panoramic shots together or individually. It is packed with Epson's FastFoto software, enabling you to do simple edits such as red-eye reduction, color correction, and cropping without relying on additional programs. It also allows you to upload scans directly to Google Drive and Dropbox for easier archiving and organization. You can scan up to 45 pages of the document per minute with a scanning speed of one photo per second. The scanner is built with a safe touch setting to protect old photographs and documents from damage. It can be used wirelessly and also using USB.

Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi Portable Scanner

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wi-Fi
  • ABBYY OCR technology
  • Wireless scanning
  • 600 dpi resolution
  • No computer required
  • Scan anywhere
  • Send to local and cloud apps
  • Expandable memory
  • Works with all devices


If you are looking for a scanner that can be used anywhere irrespective of your location, then Doxie Go is one of the best options. The most significant part of this scanner is that you can fold it and stash it in your bag when you have to move from one place to another. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that can perform up to 400 scans in a single charge. This smart scanner scans papers, pictures, and receipts, and most importantly, it doesn't need a computer to share the scanned files. You have to push the power button to turn it on, insert your documents, and get a digital copy of your documents in very few seconds. It allows you to archive and share the files via Mac or Windows, and also you can save as PDF, JPEG, PNG to a cloud app like Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, and iCloud Drive. This scanner might appear small but performs better than most big scanners and operates at 600 dpi to produce crystal clear digital copies.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Document Scanner

  • Automatic Document Feeder
  • three colors LED light source
  • 600 dpi optical resolution
  • Auto standby mode
  • Energy star rated
  • Top class OCR
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Automatic duplexing


The Fujitsu ScanSnap is a compact scanner and also a valid choice that fits perfectly in home, study rooms, and offices. Being a duplex scanner, it scans 12 pages per minute on both sides, and a 10-page automatic feed makes it a great option as a lightweight scanner. This smart scanner fixes documents to ensure a proper, clean, and professional look. You can create multipage PDFs to make everything confident in one place. It scans a variety of papers, such as business cards and legal documents. This portable scanner scans documents directly into the cloud to access them from anywhere. It works well with Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote. This scanner requires a simultaneous connection for two active powered USB ports on the computer. 

Canon imageFORMULA P-215II Mobile Scanner

  • Desktop sheet-fed scanner
  • Auto sheet feeding
  • LED light source
  • OCR technology


The Canon image formula is a top contender for some of the best scanners on the market. You can make a digital PDF of the scan documents and scans directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Evernote, Share point, and more. You can use it anywhere, whether it is an office, classroom, or any other location. It supports Windows and Mac. Being a one-pass duplex scanner, the Canon image FORMULA can scan documents from front and back. It provides hassle-free plug and scan capabilities and doesn't require any application installed on Windows and Mac OS. The Canon's CaptureOnTouch Lite application instruction automatically appears on the screen to guide users through easy steps.

Brother DS-620

  • Powered by USB connection
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High precision scanning
  • OCR
  • One-touch scanning


The DS-620 is a perfect mobile scanner for the people who need a powerful scanner that will fit into a briefcase or a business bag. It is the best option for capturing business documents, receipts, business cards, laminated identification cards, photographs, and more. It offers resolution up to 1200x1200 dpi and 600x600 (optical) dpi with fast color. It scans up to 8 pages per minute in both color and black/white. It supports Linux, Mac, and Windows.

This concludes the list of 10 best scanners for you. Read the comprehensive buying guide given above and pick the right one.

Best Aviation Headsets of 2020

Best Aviation Headsets of 2020

In this article, we will discuss the best aviation headsets of 2020. These headsets are a must for you if you are a frequent flyer or you have pilot buddies.

The majority of airplane engines have up to 85DB of noise levels inside the cockpit, making it necessary to invest in an aviation headset to maintain communication with your co-pilot, ground control, and to protect your hearing. We recommend these aviation headsets because the noises above 80Db can damage your ears on a massive scale. There are many headsets like the Lightspeed Zulu 3, which reduce the noise and disturbance drastically. It is impossible to have a conversation in the aircraft with the person next to you without any kind of voice transferring tool.

So, it is vital that you should have in your headset, a great mic, Bluetooth, and it should work with different types of plugs. In this article, we have discussed some of the best aviation headsets of 2020. You may go through them to have a better understanding.

David Clark DC ONE-X

If you are looking for the best overall performer, you may go with this one. David Clark is a reputed and dedicated company which makes communication systems which are used by almost everyone. Individuals use it from different fields, including the United States Armed Forces.

The company has a vast number of aviation headsets, and among those, DC ONE-X is the best to date. This aviation headset uses feedback technology and advanced feed-forward to gain a hybrid Electronic Noise Cancellation. It also offers Bluetooth functionality for connecting with tablets, smartphones, and other wearable equipment.

DC ONE-X comes with an integrated M-55 electret microphone that provides Digital Signal Processing technology to provide reliable communication. This aviation headset is compatible with all audio panel configurations of all types in an aircraft, and it features a precise, in-line control module. The backlit module offers access to complete headset’s functions regarding turning on/off of the volume. It runs on two AA batteries, which provide over 50 hours of using time. DC ONE-X comes with a five-year warranty, and this headset is TSO-C139a approved.

Bose A20

Bose is a renowned manufacturer of customer-oriented audio products. It manufactures some special-purpose devices too, like the Bose A20 aviation headsets. This aviation headset delivers over 30 percent more active noise cancellation than most of the general aviation headsets. Bose A20 offers Bluetooth functionality for effective connectivity. It has Active Equalization technology, which balances and automatically shapes the incoming signals, providing the well-improved audio clearance.

It provides you audio priority customization features where you can either mix up the inbound transmission or mute up the audio signal from AUX. There is a side-swappable microphone, which is connected to one of the earcups. Bose A20 uses two AA batteries that last up to 45 hours.

Kore Aviation KA-1

If you are a beginner in the aviation world and have got the pilot’s license, you can go for Kore Aviation KA-1. You don't have to spend a lot on this one as it is one of the most affordable aviation headsets. It uses acoustic foam cups that have high-density. They provide excellent noise cancellation.

It has a Noise Reduction Rating of 24dB. The headset offers 50mm drivers and dual volume control. There is also an integrated noise-canceling electret microphone and a toggle switch for toggling between mono and stereo modes. Kore Aviation KA-1 comes with a five-year warranty.

Rugged Air RA200

If you want a simple yet effective aviation headset rather than a hi-tech and expensive one, you can opt for Rugged Air RA2000. The RA200 has mono audio drivers of 50nm. It has a 24dB of Noise Reduction Rating, and this budget-friendly aviation headset is best suitable for passengers, flight instructors, and student pilots.

It is a durable aviation headset with an EM56 noise-reflecting microphone integration and comes with wind-blocking foam mic, to provide excellent and clear communication. It comes with a seven-year warranty.

David Clark H10-13.4

If you want to go for a budget-friendly and reliable aviation headset, you may opt for David Clark’s H10-13.4. As already discussed above, David Clark is among the most widely famous names across the aviation headset manufacturing industries. Their H10-13.4 features a high-tech M7-A noise-canceling electret microphone to carry on ultra-crisp voice transmission. David Clark H10-13.4 has a five-year warranty. It is marked as TSO C57b, and C58a approved and also has RTCA/DO-214 standards. 

All in all, Bose, David Clark, and Lightspeed are the best brands when it comes to aviation headsets. The headsets mentioned above are a great choice for pilots.

The Best Apple’s Magic Keyboard Alternatives to Use in 2020

The Best Apple’s Magic Keyboard Alternatives to Use in 2020

Undoubtedly, Apple’s Magic Keyboard is of excellent and high quality. And this fantastic keyboard comes with the iMac and iMac Pro. But it’s quite an expensive keyboard. And for some of the users, Apple’s Magic Keyboard might not be the comfortable option to work with. Do you also want to replace your Mac’s Magic Keyboard? Are you looking for some great choices of the keyboard to pair with your Mac? If yes, then now, no need to go anywhere. Because, here, you will be provided with the best alternatives to Mac’s keyboard. So, if you use a Mac, and are searching for an alternative keyboard that you can pair with your MacBook, then you are in luck today. There are a lot of great alternatives to Apple’s Mac keyboard that you can buy at great prices.

Whether you want a wireless keyboard or prefer some mechanical switches for your Mac, here, you will get to know about every type. So, to get the suggestions, please go through the complete article. 

The Best 5 Alternatives to Apple’s Magic Keyboard

There are a lot of great keyboards available in the market that you can connect with your MacBook. You can get any of them as per your requirements. The alternatives that we are going to mention in the list are of great designs and work well with the Mac computers. So, now, let’s see what great Apple’s Magic Keyboard alternatives are included in the list. Take a look below: 

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

If you are not comfortable in using Apple’s Magic Keyboard and looking for some wireless options, then Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is the perfect option to choose. It is considered as one of the best wireless keyboards that you can use with your MacBook. It comes with a Mac-style layout, and it’s a full-sized super-thin keyboard. And the best part is that it’s solar-powered that enables you to charge it using any light. This model of the keyboard comes with concave keycaps that are useful for touch typists. A lot of people use this keyboard. You can also purchase this solar chargeable keyboard at a much affordable price.

FENIFOX Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

FENIFOX Wireless Keyboard has a similar layout like Apple’s Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad. And if you buy this keyboard, you will get a mouse as well. You can get this keyboard in two beautiful colors that include Pink and Silver. It comes in a sloped angle that makes typing even more comfortable and handy. It is easy to connect and use this keyboard. This fantastic Bluetooth keyboard is entirely compatible with all the platforms, including macOS and Windows computers. In addition to that, you don’t need to download any additional software to connect this keyboard with your Mac. 

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

If you are looking for a keyboard that can work with all the devices, then you must check out the Logitech’s K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard. It is an excellent keyboard that can work with multiple devices like iPhone, iPad, and all the Android devices as well. Not only this, but you can even connect and use this keyboard with your Apple TV too. And with that, you can easily connect this keyboard with up to 3 devices at the same time. It is a fantastic option to choose if you want to control more than one device altogether. Anyone can purchase this great keyboard at a very reasonable price of $38.60. 

Keychron K2 RGB Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Keychron K2 RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is another great alternative to Apple’s Official Magic Keyboard. This keyboard is best suited for gaming purposes. It is a full-sized and compact model with a space-saving design that will keep things clear on your desk. It comes with some extra useful function keys that include Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down. You will even get a button to switch the RGB lightning. Along with this, it also enables you to connect three different devices altogether. You can use this keyboard wirelessly or by using the USB C-cable to connect it with your Mac. 

Artek HBO3OB Universal Slim Keyboard

Here comes the last but the best Apple’s Magic Keyboard alternative that you should choose to have an awesome experience. It is a well-priced Bluetooth keyboard with great designs. You can use this portable keyboard with multiple devices, including Mac, other iOS devices along with non-Apple devices as well. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to six months on a one time charge. You can get this wonderful keyboard in seven different backlight colors. Artek HBO3OB Universal Slim Keyboard would be the best and the most affordable option to choose from. So, these were the best four alternatives to Apple’s Magic Keyboard that anyone should buy to have some different experience. Go on and check out any of these alternatives. And to get more updates and information like this, stay connected with us and take a tour of our website. 

Best Android TV Box Available in 2020

Best Android TV Box Available in 2020

An Android TV box is a small media streaming device that can be connected to a TV to play movies and other media files. It is based on the Android platform and can access all the applications from the Google Play Store. It is a way to get your favorite episodes or movies from your applications to your TV. There are several varieties of Android TV boxes available in the market nowadays. 

Here we will discuss some of the best Android TV boxes.

Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV is an excellent TV box available in the market. However, it does not have everything but still can be counted in the list of best Android TV boxes. It features an excellent remote control. It has Nvidia Tegra X1 Plus CPU for better performance. In terms of connectivity, it has dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and a power cord. The disadvantage of this TV box is the non-availability of the USB ports.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Nvidia Shield TV Pro is another best Android TV box, which is an advanced version of Nvidia Shield TV. It possesses the same characters and features as that of its previous version. Apart from the already mentioned features, it has some additional features as well. For example, it has an in-built PLEX media server. It also allows you to access 4K Built-in Chromecast. It also provides you Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Diyomate D905

Diyomate D905 is one of the best Android TV boxes available in the market. One of its unique features is being its ability to support 4K and 3D. It is very user-friendly and has an easy setup. It also supports USB 3.0. Its disadvantage is being the older version of the Android TV box.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube is the most popular and excellent Android TV box. It has a wide variety of features that includes built-in Alexa voice control, dual-band Wi-Fi, and can control other devices connected to your TV. However, there are some disadvantages also, which can be like no HDMI cable inclusion, no dedicated Ethernet port.

Xiaomi Mi Box S

Xiaomi Mi Box S is a basic Android TV box that can fulfill the needs of most of the users looking to buy a media streaming player within a limited budget. Even though it is a basic device, it still delivers great performance. It also has a small design and features voice control.

Ematic 4K Ultra HD

Ematic 4K Ultra HD media streaming box is one of the best Android TV boxes available in the market. It features a quad-core Cortex A5 CPU along with 2 GB RAM and 8GB of storage. It supports Android TV 9.0. It also has a feature of built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant. It is one of the best media streaming boxes with excellent picture quality, broad connectivity, etc. It is a Google and Netflix certified device. The only disadvantage is the non-availability of USB 3.0 ports and Dolby support.

After discussing some of the best Android TV boxes above, we have concluded that you should choose to buy an Android TV box depending upon the TV you are using and the requirement you want from your device. For example, if you want to experience 4K video, then you should go for a box that supports 4K resolution. Each box has its list of features. You have to select wisely according to your budget and preference.

Best Keyboards for Home and Office in 2020

Best Keyboards for Home and Office in 2020

The keyboard is a peripheral device which enables you to input data into a computer with the help of mechanical switches or push buttons. But today, it may be replaced by touch screen input tools, chording devices and speech to smart text functions. However, the physical keyboard is one of the most used input devices for the computer. It is nothing but a developed form of traditional typewriters which allows a person to enter numbers, letters and other symbols into a computer. Laptops and other smart gadgets like mobile and tablet have an in-built keyboard, but if you want a better typing experience, you can attach an external keyboard.

When someone presses the key into a keyboard, an electrical signal is sent to a computer to type a character on the screen of the monitor. This sophisticated input device is the backbone of any computer-related activity and used in almost all the units of industry. The primary job of keyboards is to type, but they do more with few extra features. You can get plenty of typing jobs these days for school projects, home works, creating a legal document in the courtroom, report writing and much more. You might have a keyboard, but keyboards don't frequently update like other tech products.

Several types of keyboards are available in the tech market today, and each design focuses on specific features to suit individual purposes. Always choose your keyboard based on your work type that you are going to do with your keyboard.

Now, let's have an overview of the key facts about the keyboards. Membrane keyboards, Mechanical keyboards, Ergonomic keyboards, and Gaming keyboards are some basic types of keyboards which are used widely. Keys of a membrane keyboard are cushioned with rubber or silicone shell. This keyboard is relatively quiet while typing at high speed. The mechanical keyboards are known for their responsiveness and durability. The ergonomic keyboards are optimized to minimize the strain of the human body. A poorly designed keyboard leads to repetitive strain injuries over time such as carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are a gamer, you need a next-level keyboard. You also can check the backlit key feature in a keyboard which enables you to work at night. Let’s check out the best keyboard available right now.

Azio Vision KB506

This Azio Vision keyboard is best for those whose eyesight is poor. This input tool stands apart because of its large print keys and customizable backlighting. This keyboard is exceptionally ergonomic as it comes with built-in palm rest and 5-foot extended cable and it also reduces eye strain. To maximize visibility, it offers five interchangeable backlight colours such as red, blue, purple, cyan, and chartreuse. You can easily adjust the brightness by simply turning the brightness wheel. This keyboard is compatible with Windows, but it also works well with Mac. You will get dedicated media keys such as multimedia, internet, hotkeys and a calculator. The keys are designed in such a way which looks shiny through large font keys and helps you to see them better.

  • Rubber dome
  • 6-keys roller
  • Supports: Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 10
  • Membrane Keyboard
  • 104 keys
  • Backlit keyboard
  • 4GHz wireless connection

Rosewill Neon K51

The Rosewill K51 is a hybrid mechanical switch gaming keyboard. If you are a gamer, then unleash your inner gamer with Rosewill gaming keyboard series. It has RGB backlights and mem-chanical key switches that offer a unique typing experience with more enhanced durability. You can easily clean the keycaps because it is easily removable and allows easy cleaning and maintenance. This keyboard does not create conflict with 19 Anti-ghosting keys. The keyboard driver is free for plug and play. This gaming keyboard is available in black and white variants.

The multimedia control feature allows you to adjust audio volume while gaming, and it also allows you to pause, play and skip audio tracks. The best part of this excellent input tool is that it has detachable palm and wrist rest which provides rest to your palm in the long run. This keyboard allows gamers to customize and switch LED lighting effects from behind the keys. The lights on the exterior outline of the keyboard create stunning rainbow colours.

  • Molded keycaps
  • Eight colours of LED-backlit
  • Detachable palm and wrist rest
  • Crystal clear backlighting
  • Anti-ghosting key technology
  • On the fly media control
  • 104 keys
  • Mecha-Membrane

Corsair K70 MK.2

The Corsair K70 keyboard is a mechanical keyboard. You might have two USB ports to power the K70. Connecting a mouse or a headset is convenient as it has USB 2.0 on the back of the frame. The keycaps come in floating design. The RGB light seems like dancing under the keys. The Corsair provides an essential puller tool and also a set of grey replacement keycaps for WASD keys. It offers a flawless typing experience as it has authentic Cherry MX mechanical switches. This peripheral looks beautiful because of its extensive RGB lighting option. It works wonderfully during gaming and also parses every command accurately and quickly.

Most importantly, the Corsair iCue software offers vivid dynamic lighting control, sophisticated macro programming and full-system lighting synchronization. This Corsair model comes with a detachable rubberized wrist rest which can be easily removed. You will get an addition of some dedicated buttons that allows you to swap profiles, adjust brightness and lock the windows key.

  • Aluminium frame
  • Anti-ghosting keys
  • 104 keys
  • USB 2.0 pass-through
  • 8 MB built-in memory
  • No dedicated macro keys
  • Reliable build quality
  • Key switch selection
  • Expensive
  • Slick physical design

Das Keyboard Prime 13

Unquestionably, the Das Prime 13 is a high-quality mechanical keyboard for its appealing simplicity and performance. I don't have a problem recommending it to anyone despite a minor annoyance with backlighting and a single USB 2.0 port. Its top panel is designed with rock-solid anodized aluminium which has all essential keys with no extra keys. The font on the key labels is bolder and more prominent. This keyboard uses Cherry MX brown key switches that require less actuation force. You get the only white backlight on the non-gaming Das keyboard model which may disappoint someone. You will not get any headphone or mic jacks as you will find this feature in the other device in this list. The typing experience on this keyboard is like driving a car without a manual transmission. Overall, this Das Prime 13 is a pure and clean keyboard with a decent price range. 

  • While LED backlighting
  • Media controls through function keys
  • One USB 2.0 pass-through
  • Extra-long 2-meter cable
  • Full n-key rollover
  • Solid construction
  • No RGB

Logitech K780

The Logitech is a great excellent wireless keyboard with many unique features. This is a versatile keyboard and allows compatibility with phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. The uncommon thing about this keyboard is its keys which are oval and slightly concave instead of traditional chiclet-style. It would perform super when you connect it over Bluetooth of your mobile, tablets and other devices and start running it day and night. It is not easy to work on a single project while moving from one device to another. Still, Logitech K780 has solved this problem by letting you easily switch between up to 3 wirelessly connected devices by simply pressing a button. The keyboard is powered by two pre-installed batteries, and Logitech claims that a set of batteries will power this keyboard up to 24 months based on an average two million keystrokes every year. It is always easy to carry in a bag as it weighs only two pounds. The exterior portion is made from plastic with a matte finish. Ultimately, this input hardware is a fantastic multi-device keyboard to buy.

  • Good battery life
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy, quick switching between devices
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
  • No backlight
  • Media Hotkeys
  • Built-in Bluetooth   

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple's Magic Keyboard is best for Mac users. It is the most comfortable, reliable and good-looking. It comes in a sleek and thin design. The magic keyboard with numeric keypad offers an extended layout with document navigation control and full-size arrow keys for gaming. You will get a scissor mechanism beneath each key which gives you increased stability while optimized key travel and a low profile provide a relaxed and precise typing experience. The numeric key is tremendous for spreadsheets and finance applications. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. You can use this keyboard for about a month or more in just a single charge. This Apple input device is similar to its predecessor. It is compatible with Mac running OS, iPhones and iPads.

  • Wireless
  • Qwerty keyboard
  • Thin and compact
  • Battery charge time 2 hrs


Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo Gaming Keyboard

The Vulcan 120 is a precision gaming tool which lets you sense its performance from the first glance and the first keystroke. It is a notable example of German design and engineering. This is the first gaming keyboard to introduce ROCCAT developed Titan Switch technology. The switches are built for gamers by craving a keystroke which is swift and precise. The aluminium plate structure protects against wear and tear. You will enjoy a long time gaming as it has a detachable palm rest panel. Keycaps can be easily maintained. It looks like a science fiction keyboard. Each switch has its configurable long-life LED which displays 16.8M colours in a variety of special effects. The multicolour lighting shines stunningly because of transparent switches. The Roccat Vulcan does a brilliant job in both typing and gaming, and it feels fast and responsive with an actuation point. This keyboard is expensive, but you are going to get a fantastic and versatile input device.

  • Super bright Aimo lighting engine
  • Detachable Magnetic wrist rest
  • Wired

Redragon K552-RGB

The Redragon input hardware is a decent mechanical gaming keyboard with clicky tactile switches. Its build quality is superb, and its tenkeyless design is simple. You can get this keyboard in several different variants. Keycaps of this keyboard are double-shot that is great for the durability of the key legends. You will get various backlighting options to choose from. As this ordinary keyboard is outfitted with clicky mechanical switches but can compete to Cherry MX Blues. It doesn't have substantial extra features, but the full RGB backlighting is suitable for darkroom gaming. Users will not get dedicated media controls and programmable keys. The blue clicky switches are not the best choice for quiet offices. If anyone is looking for a simple mechanical input tool at a budget price that offers a decent typing experience, then it is one to buy.

  • 87 mechanical keys
  • n-key rollover
  • High-speed USB cable
  • Movable keycaps
  • Constructed with metal alloy and ABS
  • Five different lighting mood
  • Designed for longevity
  • Ergonomic style

Steelseries Apex Pro

The Steel Apex Pro wired full-sized keyboard is an excellent alternative for gamers. It is fitted in an aluminium body which houses ABS double shot keycaps. You will see many extra features on this keyboard, such as dedicated media keys and playback control features. It comes with a single OLED screen. The RGB backlighting can be customized through SteelSeries Engine software. It has OmniPoint linear switches, but it lacks excellent tactile feedback; however you get an option to set the actuation force for every keystroke. You also can customize the pre-travel distance on a per-key basis to make typing more comfortable. It has no dedicated macro keys. It comes with a magnetic rubber wrist rest which gets dirty quickly. The Steel Series keyboard is very well-built, and its backlighting is great for gaming in the dark. Overall, a remarkable gaming keyboard that one can buy.

  • Adjustable per-key actuation point
  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • USB 2.0 Type-A passthrough port
  • Robust software
  • Expensive
  • Spongy switches
  • Five onboard profiles

Razer BlackWidow Elite

If someone is looking for a programming keyboard, then this is an ideal option to buy. This keyboard is designed with gamers in mind but also performs better as a programming keyboard. It has a very comfortable wrist rest. The keys have enough space to prevent typos. It comes with Razer's Synapse 3 software which allows you to set macros and save multiple files on the onboard memory. You can get this keyboard with Razer Green and Yellow switches which are tactile and clicky. The Razer BlackWidow comes with not only a new look but also new extended control in the forms of Multi-Functional Digital Dial and media keys. The mechanical switches are durable up to 80 million keystrokes.

  • USB 2.0
  • Pass through for easy cable routing
  • Hybrid on-board memory and cloud storage
  • Dedicated media controls

These were the ten best keyboards based on your needs and budget. Buying an ideal input device will add efficiency to your overall computer system. Go through the above post and make your buying worth it.

Top 10 Printers For Homes and Small Businesses

Top 10 Printers For Homes and Small Businesses

The printing industry is the most essential and fundamental part of any working section of the industry, whether it is the manufacturing industry, service industry, and every other commercial industry. No doubt, a printing machine has played a vital role in helping out all kinds of businesses, whether it is home-based or larger. These machines help you to scale your business when you advertise by printed banners and holdings. The inventions of the printing machines brought a revolutionary change in the way of doing business.

If you are planning to start a home-based or any other small business, you must have printers. It is a hardware output device used to print a hard copy of any document such as an image, text file, and even a combination of both. You cannot rely on your nearby printing centers or libraries for your essential prints every time. If you are running a venture, you may have to send or receive hard or soft copies of documents to your clients. You need to connect the printer to your computer, enabling you to send or print your document's hard copy in just a single click of a button.

Having a printer for your home and other purposes will be a great money-saving decision and a convenient alternative in the long run. As a student, utilizing time in a better way is essential. So, you need not go outside to get hard copies of your notes and assignments.

How to Choose a Printer

The question is how to choose a printer that may best suit your requirements. There are three types of printers. The first one is Inkjet printers, which are suitable for printing excellent quality images, heavy documents, and a variety of papers. These are cheaper than laser printers. The second one is Laser printers, which produce fast results and print very high quality documents. The thing that differentiates laser printers from other printers is they use toner instead of ink. The third one is Multi-Function Printers, which are commonly known as all-in-one printers. These printers fulfill all kinds of your basic needs like scanning, faxing, copying, and printing.

Things to Consider

However, selecting a new printer is a little confusing and trickier. Always keep in mind the operating system of your computer and the printer that you are going to buy. Does the printer support your computer operating system or not? Consider the running costs of a printer that you will have to pay in the long run. Think about the cartridges; you have to use. Refillable cartridges need some money to refill or replace when needed. The image quality, print speed, connectivity type, and paper handling are other things to consider while buying a printer.

Now the time is to finalize your buying decision from the above facts and get a printer for your home and small business.

Best Printers to Buy Right Now

Canon Pixma TS9120

The Canon Pixma is all in one inkjet printer that is best for home and small office use. At just $150, it offers a noteworthy performance. It has a 5-inch colour touch screen display. The generous size of this printer eases the work operations and best for stand-alone use. All actions initiate working with the touch screen panel as it has no physical buttons. You will not get any disappointing things with its touch screen panel while launching a task or changing a setting. You get prints directly from your SD card without having a PC because it has an SD card slot in the bottom left of the front panel. It also has a dedicated CD/DVD printing slot. The chassis of this printer comes in black, and the lid comes in grey, gold and red colours. The print speed of Pixma TS9120 is impressive. It prints the text documents in 26.7 seconds and 11.2 pages per minute. Its copy and scan speed is tremendous. The print quality is excellent. It delivers a fast pace without compromising the image quality. 

  • Six individual ink cartridges
  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth, mobile, tablet and cloud
  • Stylish and compact
  • Small ink cartridges
  • Air print enabled
  • Paper sizes: Letter, Legal, Envelopes
  • Windows and Mac compatible

HP LaserJet Pro M15w Wireless Printer

The HP LaserJet is the smallest laser printer in its class. It is 35% lower than its predecessor and still delivers the same high-quality prints. It is a wireless monochrome printer which prints up to 19 pages per minute. It allows you to print and scan from your mobile device, cloud storage as it supports the HP smart app. Using Wi-Fi Direct, you can easily connect directly from your mobile device. You get a reliable, high-quality print. This printer saves your energy consumption as it is equipped with auto On/Off technology. Mono graphics are suitable for such a cheap laser printer. It handles 150 sheets of paper tray and folds down from the front of the device. Only 500 pages fit in its startup cartridge. It delivers prints with no frills. As you send a task, it initiates a very quiet clunk-free printing. The downside of this printer is the low capacity cartridges which means that its running cost will be high. 

  • Air print enabled
  • Image enhancement technology
  • Single function printer
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Wi-Fi networking
  • No duplex printing
  • Auto on/off
  • Energy star rated
  • Plain paper, envelope, postcard and label

Brother HL-L5100DN

The Brother HL-L5100DN is perfect for offices and small businesses for better quality and reliability. It is a cost-efficient, two-sided printer with a high-yield replacement toner. This Brother printer prints high-quality business documents up to 42ppm. It uses a 250-sheet capacity paper tray for delivering legal and letter documents. You get an option to expand the paper capacity to 1340 sheets with optional add-on trays. The printer will be easily shared with other devices via built-in Ethernet networking that allows printing from mobile devices. The advanced security features protect your sensitive documents and printer from unauthorized access. This device comes with automatic duplexing capability.

 In terms of acquisition and running costs, it is one of the most economical tools in the market. If you use genuine cartridges, the per-page print cost will be 3.19 cents on the other side if you use generic cartridges, the printing cost will be 2.8 cents per page. The user gets only two connectivity options which are USB 2.0 and Ethernet. If the device is connected through Ethernet, you get the full access of mobile platforms like cloud print, Apple Air print and print scan.

  • 256 MB RAM
  • Cortex A9 800 processor
  • 16 characters LCD screen
  • Auto-duplex printing

Canon Pixma TR8550 All-in-one Printer

The Canon TR8550 is a premium looking 4-in-one printer which offers scan, print, copy, and fax functions. This printer well suits home office use. You can sit this device comfortably on a shelf and desk without too much trouble. The printer supports Ethernet or wired networks and also supports Apple's AirPrint of iOS devices. It offers Secure USB, Wi-Fi and SD card connectivity for smartphones. This inkjet printer has five separate ink cartridges which deliver vivid and natural-looking photographs. It has a large touch screen display which is very easy to use. It handles both photo and plain media with dual paper feeds.

As you get the inclusion of fax facility and document feeder, it makes it more expensive than other models in the Pixma segment. However, you have an alternative to buy a printer like this at a lower price which is Pixma TR7550. If we talk about its performance, it offers speed of 14ppm from mono, 7ppm colour and 45 seconds for photo printing. As it uses five separate inks cartridges means that the running cost will be a bit higher than usual.

  • Smart connections
  • Freedom of cloud printing
  • Quality printing
  • Multifunction printer
  • Individual colour cartridges

Epson EcoTank Pro ET-16650 Multi-Function Printer

If you are looking for multifunction printers, then it can be one to buy. The Epson EcoTank offers faxing, scanning, copying and printing. It is an excellent addition to your home and small offices from Epson. The Epson ET-16650 uses ink reservoirs instead of cartridges which enables you to store much ink and also makes ink refill cost nominal. The print speed is 25ppm for black documents and 25ppm for colour. It comes with adequate ink for 6000 colour prints and 7500 black prints. Print quality is exceptional with a four-colour ink set and a print resolution of 4800x1200 dpi.

EcoTank technology eradicates the requirement of cartridges and allows filling with more affordable ink. It supports back and whites and colour faxing. It competes among the top models of Epson's EcoTank Pro. Epson delivers 66000 pages per month which are sufficient of small scale businesses. You can compare this printer to laser printers as it produces highly legible text. This mid-range printer is an ideal pick for your office and home uses.

  • Energy Star qualified
  • Voice activation command
  • 3-inch colour touch screen
  • Ink bottle feature
  • Auto-stop technology
  • Low running cost
  • Robust and compact design

Brother MFC-J985DW Multitasking Printer

This inkjet all-in-one printer is best for office and home use. This printer handles up to 2500 pages per month. It comes with built-in fax capability. It can print nine full-page documents in just 60 seconds. It has a 2.7-inch colour touch screen display which is convenient to use. You can connect this printer to a PC by USB cable or through a network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The best of the printer is, it allows to send scans directly to cloud storage and websites like Picasa, Flicker, Evernote, OneDrive, Facebook and Dropbox.

It includes an auto-duplexer for printing on both sides of a sheet of paper. It provides you with the support of all basic connectivity and productivity features that can be expected from a home printer. The running cost of MFC-J985DW is low as it has high capacity ink cartridges. If someone is looking for a fast printer in an extended price range, the Brother MFC-J985DW is ideal to buy.

  • Minimal running cost
  • Four cartridges
  • Near-field-communication
  • Low cost per page
  • Wi-Fi direct
  • 200 pages fax memory

HP Envy 5055 Printer

Buying a multitasking printer is a tough decision because there are a variety of products in the market. HP is all in one reputed printer maker which is still offering an outstanding range of multifunction printers for home users. This HP Envy 5055 is such a printer which delivers high-quality prints while taking care of low operational costs. It is lightweight and entirely made out of plastic. Paper tray is suitable for long term use. It allows you to operate this device from various platforms. The direct wireless feature of HP equivalent to Wi-Fi direct that enables dual-band connectivity for mobile devices and computers. HP also offers its connectivity app, called The HP Smart app, and it also supports other third-party apps like Mopria and Apple AirPrint. It allows you to get print directly from the email.

This inkjet printer consists of one black and one tricolour ink cartridge. These cartridges are not high page yield cartridges and might be expensive for some home users, but you can reduce printing cost with HP instant ink service.

  • No support of SD card and Ethernet cable
  • Low running cost with instant ink
  • Compatible with Windows

Canon Color Image Class LBP622DW

The Canon Image Class is an outstanding printer for small or home offices. It is easy to work and well designed and offers a lot of features. You can manage your business smoothly with this printer. This is a laser printer from canon which comes with Wi-Fi networking, Ethernet, wireless printing, Apple Air print and Google cloud print. It works with Windows and Mac. You need not change cartridges too often because they are very high yield. The black and white per copy cost are meagre. It is not made for photo printing as the picture lacks detail and banding throughout the image. It is designed for small print jobs. The high capacity cartridges reduce overall supply costs. It has standard two-sided printing and also prints multiple pages on one sheet to reduce paper consumption. If you are ready to invest in such a printer that charges huge upfront cost but offers better long-term value, then this is a better option.

  • Laser beam printing
  • 3 seconds print out time
  • Energy star rated
  • Auto duplex printing
  • A refillable ink tank system
  • Wireless connectivity

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730 

The Epson WorkForce offers a great balance of features and affordability. The printer establishes wireless connectivity with tablets, computers and smartphones. It prints up to 20 black and white pages per minute. The 2.7-inch touch screen allows you to control devices with different modes and provides access to printer-related information. It has four printing cartridges such as black, cyan, yellow and magenta. It is a speedy printer in its class. This printer is positioned between Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4720 and WorkForce Pro WF-4740. It is excellent for high volume printing with two trays. It has a 500-sheet paper capacity. It offers 50% minimal printing cost in comparison to a colour laser. It initiates ISO print up to 20ppm and duplex print up to 12ppm. Users can easily attach a flash drive for printing and scanning. Copying speed is up to 20ppm in black and 18ppm in colour. 

  • Automatic document reader
  • Built-in fax
  • Individual colour cartridges
  • 250 standard sheet capacity
  • Only works with Epson cartridges and ink

Kyocera Ecosys P5026CDW Home Printer

This entry-level professional printer combines the best colour quality with the lowest running costs. It is a mid-priced colour laser printer which is built for small and medium-sized businesses. It is less noisy and suitable for busy office uses where paperwork is supreme. You will not get an onboard scanner and fax facility. The task you can do is pack it with an A4 250 sheet paper tray and a multipurpose tray with 50 sheet envelopes and get ready to collect 26 pages in every single minute. You can say it is a printing workhorse. This printer lacks an SD card slot and NFC compatibility. It offers integrated Wi-Fi and a usual square USB port. The mono LCD panel is given to you to navigate easily. You will get a facility of duplex printing with a high output rate of 26 pages per minute. The Kyocera Mobile Print App allows you to print wirelessly from your smartphone.

  • Double-sided printing
  • Low printing cost
  • Apple print and Google cloud print
  • Front-facing USB
  • Lifetime Photoconductor drum

Getting a printer for your home or small business will reduce the hassle of printing, scanning, and copying without having to leave the house or business premises.

BEST Touch Screen Gloves in 2020

BEST Touch Screen Gloves in 2020

Most of us must have faced the problem in using smartphones or any other touch screen devices while wearing gloves in the winter season. Why do touch screen devices like smartphones register a tap when we tap with our fingers and don't register a touch when we tap while wearing gloves?

The reason is so simple. Touch screens of most smartphones are made by using a technology called Capacitive Touch screen. These screens are equipped with a type of sensor that reacts only to those things that are electrically conductive. And, our skin is electrically conductive, that is why the screen doesn't sense an input while wearing an ordinary glove. The regular gloves are not electrically conductive and they break the electrical circuit between the touch screen and finger. Now, this is clear that you can use your smartphones not only with your fingers but also with any other electrically conductive materials.

Touch screen gloves have come as a solution so that anyone who has to wear a glove for any reason, such as severe cold.  These are made using a material that is a great electrical conductor like copper yarn, aluminium and any other. Such types of materials allow gloves to create an electrical circuit with a capacitive touch screen that is why it registers an instant input on touch screens.

Before choosing your touch screen gloves, you need to consider the things that will make your buying worth it. The key things to consider in gloves is the fingers that will allow you to touch. Some of the gloves are entirely conductive across all the fingers that will amaze you with independent touch. At the same time, some gloves are conductive only on the index fingers and pads of thumbs that seems limited. However, it depends on your requirement whether you need a fully conductive glove or a limited one.

I think the above things will help you as a buying guide to choose the best one. Also, these ten best gloves that I have listed below might be your best pick.

Mujjo Insulated Touchscreen Glove

This mujjo's glove is one of the best selling insulated gloves and also compatible with most capacitive touch screen gadgets like Apple iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone 11, and Galaxy S10. You can use your smartphone with any of the fingers as it is a fully capacitive glove across all the fingers. It is comfortable and also has a wrist cuff that keeps your hand warm from cold. This glove comes in silicone grip lines to make the hold of your phone secure. If you belong to an icy place, then you can go for the double-insulated pair. This has been made from durable material that can resist the wind. It will provide extra protection to your hand as it is laminated with 3M Thinsulate. Inside part of the glove is lined with polar fleece to provide insulation and comfort. You can use it even at a colder temperature. It comes in triple-layer sandwich construction.

Mission Workshop Strasse Gloves

This strasse glove is made from Polartec Windpro Hardface fleece, one of the most advanced fabrics. This is the best to maintain exceptional warmth and high breathability and also repels moisture and defies the howling wind. This is made from Kero leather, which is made from reindeer. These materials are from top-class leathers. It is long enough to protect your wrists from severe cold. If someone prefers deep pockets, then this can be a perfect touchscreen glove for them. The two high-quality materials have been put together to make it awesome. It is the most comfortable winter glove we have ever worn. Touch screen conductivity is only available on the thumb and index finger that allows using a smartphone without removing gloves. This is handmade in California. 

Achiou Winter Warm Touch Screen Gloves

The Achiou Winter Warm offers three touchscreen fingers capability, including thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. It is available in different colors. Its grippy silicone triangles help to keep your phone in your hand. Knit fabric wool provides warmth and softness in the winter. It is well-fitting and has an elastic cuff that keeps the glove closed to keep the snow or wind out in winter. This breathable material allows your skin to breathe. This glove comes in three sizes that will enable you to choose the best fit for your friends and family. This is a unique pick for you as it comes at an affordable price and also with a money-back guarantee. You are living in the technology age, and these gloves are changing the way to utilize your devices without removing them. This will be worth buying for you.

Agloves Sport Touchscreen Gloves

As you know, ordinary gloves don't work on touchscreens. So, Agloves has come with revolutionary 10-finger touch gloves that allow you to operate Androids, iPads, iPhones, and more. It is made from silver yarn, one of the most conductive elements. Do you know that silver traps the heat and back to its source? This pair of gloves is one of America's top-rated gloves. Like other gloves, it also has a breathable fabric that keeps your hand stays dry. Fingers have been knitted with seamless stretches for the most dexterous touch and better comfort. It is available in all sizes. You need not position your finger to the glove to tap on the screen, and also you can quickly type, swipe and scroll as you do with your bare hands. The complete composition of the material is 68% Acrylic, 15% Metal Fiber, 12% Spandex, and 5% Rubber. This is a perfect gift for all runners and athletes. 

Ozero Women's Winter Gloves

With this glove, you can enjoy outdoor sports with your friends in cold weather while keeping your hand warm. It is made from high-quality, luxurious American Deer leather that provides skin-like softness and also suits your winter fashion. You will get a high-tech touch over-index and thumb fingertips, which will allow you to operate touchscreen devices sensitively. These thermal gloves are windproof and thin, which protects your hand cold and gives you a rare softness. If anyone wants style and warmth, both then go for it. It is not only for women but also Kids can find their favorite color and size too. It comes in 4 elegant colors black, brown, purple, and red. Are you planning to gift any of your friends or relatives then gift this Ozero women's winter gloves, which will make that moment a memorable one?

Geree Cycling Touchscreen Glove 

Is someone there who loves cycling in the cold winter season? Here is your pair of gloves. It comes with the zippers to adjust the elastic accordingly. Touch screen technology are available on the thumbs, middle fingers, and index fingers of both gloves and works well with iPads, Android smartphones, and iPhones. If you like outdoor cycling in rain and winter, go for it because it is made from waterproof fabric. It prevents slippery effects because this glove is made from antiskid silica particles. It can be used as multi-purpose athletic work like driving, hiking, running, and more. You will not face the unpleasant odor as it is anti-bacterial that eliminates odor. Please note that it is lightly waterproof, and you cannot use it in underwater and heavy rain. 88% polyester, 6% spandex, and 6% of PVC rubber are used to make this glove.

Dimore Women's Touch Glove

The Dimore touch screen glove is an eye-catching fleece-lined pair of gloves. If you are unsatisfied with these winter gloves or not meeting your standards, don't worry, it is backed by a hassle-free money-back lifetime guarantee. This glove is soft, comfy, and warm, and also it is not a bulky one. The touch screens are present on the fingers and thumbs of both the gloves. The touch screen technology enables you to register a response without removing your gloves. The cute plush fur balls and accenting colors give it a feminine touch. The outside of these gloves is very fashionable. It adds great style and convenience to any cool-weather outerwear. Gift it to your father, mother, sister, and friends. These gloves come in three colors, classy-wine, black, and grey. One size of these gloves fits all because it is stretchy. You can wear them every day and also on any other special occasion.

Autofy RBG031 Motorcycle Racing Glove

The Autofy RBG031 is a suitable glove for bike racing enthusiasts. It is available for both men and women. Touch-sensitive material is present on the index finger, enabling you to use your smartphones, even with the gloves. Your ride will be hassle-free as you can navigate and check your destinations without removing your gloves. It is made from anti-slip fabric that covers the full hand from wrist to fingers and increases full grip at the bike's handlebar. If you meet with an accident, don't worry, the hard knuckle and finger guards will protect the back of your hand and fingers. The extra padded thicken palm provides relief from hand fatigue and also reduces road vibration. This is all in one versatile riding glove and can be used for mountain biking, cycling, etc. The Autofy riding glove is designed to provide you maximum performance with minimum cost.

The Timberland Men's Ribbed-Kind Wool Blend Glove

This is the best touchscreen glove for the people who are looking for a minimal design. This glove is made from 63% polyester, 23% wool, 10% nylon, and 4% other fibers. This ribbed glove has touchscreen technology on fingertips. The material that is used to make it is lightweight and warm. This glove can be an excellent fit for the people whose fingers are long and face other glove brands. If you are looking for gloves to wear on harsh winter days, it is the best alternative. It is not suitable to use in extremely harsh weather conditions. It can be a little thick for using the buttons on your smartphone screen.

Moshi Digits Touch Screen Gloves

Moshi Digits is a dual-layered touch screen glove and is efficient to go hand-in-hand with your mobile devices. All fingertips are made from a unique conductive fiber that allows accurate gesturing on your smartphones or tablet. It is equipped with a unique grip trak pattern inside of each glove for a slip-free grip. This glove is hand-washable for easy maintenance and durability. It is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. It helps you to tap and swipe even in the frostiest weather. It is available in either dark or light grey in small, medium, and large sizes.

You all purchase protective clothes to protect yourself from harsh winter like a sweater, scarf, socks, etc. You also buy gloves to protect your hands from cold, but when you need to operate your touchscreen devices, you have to remove your gloves. However, the touchscreen gloves mentioned above allow you to use your smartphones with ease.

Best Dehumidifiers in 2020

Best Dehumidifiers in 2020

High humidity levels throughout your home cause many health risks and allow mildew, mold and dust mites to grow in your living space. Mold allergies cause childhood asthma.

Above are the reasons why you need a dehumidifier of your homes. Now you are better aware of the health benefits of dehumidifiers.

Like a humidifier, which increases moisture in the air, a dehumidifier is a powerful tool that reduces excess water vapor from the air of your home and prevents the growth of mold, mildew, dust mites, and many more unhealthy things and makes your home a healthier place to live.

There are a few more things to keep in mind while buying a dehumidifier. The three types of dehumidifiers are Refrigerant, Desiccant, and Whole House. These machines follow a different way of collecting moistures and getting them out of places. The fundamental nature of all dehumidifiers is receiving air and reducing humidity out of them.

Before buying a dehumidifier, you need to consider the space that you want to dehumidify, indoor temperature and humidity level, way to eliminate collected water, and some unique features. 'Pint' is a technical term for dehumidifiers which means the amount of moisture, a dehumidifier removes. All these things will guide you to choose the right dehumidifiers that fulfill all your requirements. Read on and go through the list of the best dehumidifiers you can buy right now.

Frigidaire 70-Pint FFAD7033R1 Dehumidifier


The Frigidaire FFAD7033R1is fully loaded with handy features that allow you to do an effortless operation. Its portable design makes it best for basement and home use. It is equipped with eco-friendly R410a refrigerant for energy cost saving and maximum dehumidification. The FFAD7033R1 is quieter than the older FAD704DWD. The Frigidaire comes with a low-temperature operation, two fan speed, auto start, continuous drainage, and front-loading bucket and an adjustable humidistat with a digital humidity read-out feature. This 70-pint dehumidifier covers up to 1400 sq. Ft. area and operates at 41°F. There is no exception of Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 and is one of the most portable dehumidifiers you can buy for your indoor spaces, homes, and offices. Its 70-pint capacity offers moisture extraction up to 70 pints from the atmosphere in 24 hours. It eliminates bacteria from the air and makes your breathing fresh.


  • 70-pint rating
  • Mold and mildew removal
  • 51 dB noise level
  • Auto shut-off
  • Rear filter access
  • Energy efficiency


Honeywell TP50WKN 50-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier


Honeywell TP50WKN is a powerful dehumidifier for an area up to 3000 sq. ft. This is an ideal option for medium and large rooms like dens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and basements. It continuously drains condensate water for long uninterrupted operations. This Honeywell dehumidifier has a smart digital humidistat control system that detects room moisture levels and initiates instant dehumidification to maintain desired humidity levels. The elegant font mirage display allows you to monitor humidity changes. It has separate alerts for a full tank and filter cleaning that lets you do hassle-free maintenance. Patent-pending splash guards protect water tanks from messy spills. It will continue its long operation with the help of a drain tube. Its smooth gliding wheels and a cord winder allows you to transfer this star dehumidifier from one place to next.


  • LED digital display
  • A smart digital humidistat control system
  • Energy star rated
  • Washable dust filter
  • 7 Pints water capacity
  • Full tank alert system
  • Auto shut-off
  • 41° to 90° Operating temperature
  • Non-Ozone depleting refrigerant
  • Continuous draining
  • Energy-saving timer


LG PuriCare UD501KOG5

LG PuriCare 50-pint is a medium-capacity dehumidifier and suitable for drying midsized places. Safety is always the top priority for LG. It is designed with features like safety standby mode for safe dehumidification. Its internal components have been made of thermally resistant materials such as silicon, glass, and fiber. It has a large display to control and check the humidity levels. Hassle-free maintenance with a convenient water bucket and tray handle. It can quickly move by rolling wheels without breaking a sweat. It is equipped with an R410a refrigerant type.


  • Bucket full indicator
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Automatic defrost control
  • Energy-star certified
  • Auto-restart
  • Energy timer
  • Humidistat control system
  • Touchpad button
  • External drain connector
  • Removable bucket


Ivation Energy Star 70-pint Dehumidifier With Pump

Ivation 70-pint comes in a small size that fits in most spaces. Most importantly, it comes with a 16-watt built-in water pump which pumps water up to 164 feet vertically. Easy removal from room to room with four durable caster wheels. You get alerts about the reservoir and filter on the simple LCD interface which enables you to set your ideal level of moisture. It can be programmed for 24-hours to save energy costs with a convenient timer. Its 2.25-gallon tank has a level indicator with comfortable handles which allows a timely removal and carrying. If the reservoir gets full, then the water level sensor automatically will show alerts. Its super filtration and evaporation mechanism create a safe atmosphere by preventing mildew, structural cracking, and safeguarding your family against allergens. It removes moisture up to 4500 sq. ft. of area.


  • Auto-shutoff and Restart
  • Drain Hose
  • User-friendly display
  • Three fan speed
  • Humidity sensor
  • Extra-long cord
  • 45 pounds weight
  • Easy-empty reservoir
  • Frost sensor


Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Electric Mini is a compact size dehumidifier which best fits for your small garages, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and other more places up to 150 square feet. Now stop working in an environment that has excess moisture and mold. It is suitable for people who live with various respiratory conditions. It may not be perfect for every situation. If you need a larger one, then go for the other dehumidifiers in this list. Its 16-ounce water tank collects damps and extracts up to 9 ounces of moisture per day. You will feel it like a toy while moving from one place to another. It comes with a built-in sensor that automatically switches off the unit with no risk of overflow.


  • Ultra-quiet and energy efficient
  • Ideal for small places
  • Small and lightweight
  • Thermo-electric cooling


GE APEL45LY 45-Pint

GE APEL45LY comes with up-to-date technology and exceptional quality to simplify the way of your living. It is ideal for your family uses. It has hidden roller wheels for smooth movement. The built-in pump can empty the water tank automatically. Best for 1500 square feet area. If you prefer to empty the water tank manually, it is still comfortable. Its LED display will show alerts once the bucket gets full. It offers three fan speeds and a humidistat. This dehumidifier is energy star rated. It lacks a feature like app-controlled functions. After all, you can make a budget dehumidifier with all the services.


  • LED digital control
  • Pocket handles
  • Built-in water pump
  • R-410A Refrigerant type


Aprilaire 1830 Pro Dehumidifier

It is one of the best dehumidifiers for the basement and sealed places. It removes 9 gallons of water per day. You can access it in any location to mount its control panel on top of the unit. You need not maintain it all the time as it requires filter cleaning or replacement once in a year. Its longevity is the best part of it as it is designed and manufactured in the U.S. Once you set it, it will automatically start dehumidification when the humidity target reaches its peak. It works best for commercial places up to 3800 square feet. the 130-pint size of Aprilaire covers up to 7200 square feet.

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum coil
  • Built to last
  • Best for commercial purpose


Black & Decker 70-Pint Energy Star 


The Black & Decker is the best high-end advanced dehumidifier. It has a concise electronic control panel which makes it extra easy to use. You can set a 24-hour timer, control automatic settings, and adjust the thermostat with its digital display. Now you have the option to choose high, medium, and low speeds of the fan. It operates in 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses R410a refrigerant and saves money on your electric bills because it is Energy Star Certified. You don't need to empty its water bucket too often as it has 16.9 pints of the water bucket. It comes with castors and carry handles for easy mobility. It has a detachable bucket with a water level indicator. You can drain water in different ways by using a built-in drain pump that pushes collected water to the area of an external receptacle and is enough to push it vertically if required.     


  • Auto-restart and shut-off
  • Defrost feature
  • Featured on The Spruce and Good Air Geeks
  • Audible alarm
  • Various drain option
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant


Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier


The Eva-dry 1100 is a mini-capacity, compact dehumidifier. It effectively works in the areas up to 1100 cubic feet. 16 oz. removable water tank is fitted with a level detector sensor. It collects approximately 8 oz. of water a day. You can make it the best peak for your vacation homes, bedrooms, storage spaces, laundry rooms, and more. You can get a good sound sleep at night with EDV-1100 because it produces less noise. It is an all in one lightest, smallest thermo-electric dehumidifier in the market. Save your power consumption with Eva-dry as it consumes only 22 watts. It comes without a compressor as it uses Peltier Technology.


  • Auto shut-off feature
  • 16-ounce reservoir
  • Lightweight
  • Featured on The Spruce and Wheel on Road
  • Plug and play setup
  • Superior quality
  • Low power consumption
  • Less noise output


Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 30-Pint Dehumidifier


Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 is the replacement of FAD301NWD. This is one of the best 30-pint dehumidifiers in the market today. It utilizes 320 watts of power at maximum humidity. It protects the house from dew and moisture and also kills bacteria that cause diseases. It allows easy emptying of the bucket and drains out water continuously. The Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 operates at an optimum temperature of 41 degrees. You can run it with standard power input. Its removable filter can be cleaned if cleaning is needed. It will save you money as it utilizes less power and also no need to replace filters at all the time. It is also removable and washable. It will notify you when the water bucket gets full, and you can make necessary changes.


  • Efficient filters
  • Auto shut-off
  • Portable design
  • Works at an optimal temperature
  • UL listed and Energy Star certified
  • 34 pounds weight
  • R410a Refrigerant
  • Three fan speed


These were the best dehumidifiers catering to all price segments, area of service, power consumption, moisture removal capacity, smart features, water tank capacity, and many more.